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Hot Hands

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Anyone else? I'm just about 12 weeks and my hands are just so full of blood that they are hot all the time. Which is in some ways nice because I'm that cold hands/cold feet lady. But it's also uncomfortable. Sometimes it really bothers me. When it's really bothering me, I know I must be feeling a lot better in general ;) but still! Just curious if anyone else experiences this. Almost makes me want to ice them.


Also, when I was pregnant with DD 4 years ago I got carpal tunnel during my pregnancy for knitting so much. So I had to stop. It feels a little like the preamble to that. And I've been knitting a baby blanket for a friend. I pretty much expect it to happen again and I'm not worried about it, but I wonder if there's a connection? I'm just a hot handed lady now. Sometimes my feet and legs too. 


Thought I'd show ya just how veiny my hands looked today.


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Yep, I got the hot hands. Had carpel tunnel real bad during the second tri but now it's gone away. But still with the hot, sometimes itchy hands. One time they swelled up really big! Crazy.
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