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Volunteers for a new Group Leader?

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I'm looking for one our two volunteers to become a Group Leader for this DDC. Since we seem to have lost our little one, I will probably be bowing out soon. If you would also be willing to take on the job of updating the roster, please let me know, and I can have an admin make you owner of the thread. (The first post will then appear as if you were the author, and you will be able to edit it.)


Group leader responsibilities:



As a leader you are responsible for making sure the posts and behavior of members adhere to the general MDC rules and guidelines. If you have a problem with a member that cannot be resolved you have the ability to remove that member from the group. But generally, you should work to help keep the group active, post threads of topics that you think will generate some good supportive discussion and information for the moms in the group, and just be helpful where you can. :)


If anyone can step up, I would appreciate it. :)

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Monkeyscience, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Truly, my heart breaks for you tonight. 

I could take over the roll, if needed. I'd love for some others to share the responsibility with.  Would it be easier if I PMed the mods instead of you? 

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I'm so sorry.  hugs mama! I would be willing to be co-helper-leader with piratemere.  I'm definately up for the post new threads and activity part.  who are the mods? 

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I'm sorry, monkey! I hate this part of pregnancy, with so many losses.


piratemere - I'm the other leader currently, but don't know if more than one person can have access to update the roll list (and I'm not the right person for it!).

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Piratemere - I'll PM the admin about having you take over the roster. It looks like you've already been made a Group Leader. Thank you for volunteering, and let me know if you have any questions about the roster. It was sad and strange to move my name to the hope and healing section. :(


fayebond - I've also promoted you to Group Leader, so now there will be three of you to share the load. :)


ocelotmom - Now you have two co-leaders with you. Only one person can do the roster, so I think we'll take our volunteer. :) I have to admit, even though I didn't have a lot of symptoms, I didn't think things would go south once I made it this far. It is hard to see so many people going through the same thing. Hoping for the best for everyone in this DDC!

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