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Names (Because it's my favourite thing about being pregnant!)

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I love talking names.  I really do.  It's quite possibly my favourite thing about being pregnant. 


If I have a girl, I will finally get to use my Grandma's first name - which I've been holding onto since I had my first 6 years ago: Edythe.  Middle names that we've thrown around for it are Rose, Soleil, Athalia... I can't remember all the others.  We would probably wait to meet her before we decide on a middle name.


If we have boy #4, we probably will never name him. Seriously.  It honestly took us 6 weeks to pick Atticus for our last boy.  The first thing I thought when he was born and I found out he was a boy was, Crap, we don't have a boy name.  I really liked Hawthorne Thomas, but I'm not totally sold on that this time.  I like Bible names, too, so Zedekiah and Solomon are possibilities.  Seriously though, I'm not loving anything yet, and since I poured over EVERY name book and site when we were trying to name my last, I can't imagine that any name has slipped passed me so far.

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Well, my name selection has gone much faster this time around vs. the other two times.  My husband has always wanted to name a girl Sarah, and I have fought him hard both other times, but for some reason this time, the name just fits my gut feelings.  So if it is a girl, her name will be Sarah Faith.


I hadn't been having a whole lot of luck narrowing down my list of boys' names until the other day.  My husband asked everyone what we would name the  baby if he were a boy.  My youngest child blurted out instantly, "We could name him Daniel."  I was shocked, for one, because Daniel was one of my top choices, even though I hadn't told anyone.  Where he came up with that name is beyond me, because we don't know anyone named Daniel.  I also found an old list of boys' names I made a couple years ago tucked away in my Bible that had both my boys' names with Daniel Asher listed right under theirs.  It was a little shocking, actually.  So if we have a boy, he will be Daniel Asher, Daniel Joel, or Daniel Seth.  We haven't got the middle name figured out yet.  :)

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piratemere, we have the opposite problem.  our boy name is picked out, signed, sealed, we know exactly what we would name a boy.    Another girl i have no idea, we already used up the only two girl names we could agree on and it could be a loooong wait.  but we are going to try & find out the gender if we have an ultrasound, so we have time.  We usually pick out a middle name first and then go with a first name whose meaning is complimentary.  So far we have a pattern of picking names whose meanings go with Bible verses.


boy name you may not have heard of: Moshe'.    Hubs says no but i love it.  Its the Hebrew version of Moses.

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We don't really have any strong ideas. The other kids have Nordic names, so we'll probably go with that, but I fear we've exhausted the names that we mutually like. I didn't stumble across DD2's name until well into pregnancy last time, but when I came across it, I immediately knew it was perfect. I'm hoping something similar happens this time.


We'll also have to see what my brother ends up naming his baby (due in January). I've already had a cousin unintentionally steal one of my preferred names (really odd coincidence - not a common name, and we never discussed it, just came up with it independently for the same reason).

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heldt, Sarah and Daniel are both very sweet names, and I love that your DS picked Daniel as well.


fayebond, I have so many girl names, I will never have enough girls to use them all.  Seriously, if this is a boy, it will be nameless FOREVER!  I actually really like Moses, but I don't know if it is too strong of a name - if that's possible (this coming from a mom who named her son Atticus.)  How is Moshe' pronounced? It lookes like it would be "Moe-shay", is that right?


ocelotmom, I have a sister due in January, too, and while I think we have very different naming tastes, I agree, that I have to wait to see what she names her boy to pick a name for if ours is a boy.

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My 8-year-old son likes me to give him "3 things to think about" at bedtime, so the night after telling him about the pregnancy, I told him he could think of suggestions for the baby's name.  As I left the room he was muttering, "NOT James!!!"  I don't know why he feels so strongly, but James is not one of my favorite names--I'm just neutral about it--so no problem there.


I'd like to make a girl's middle name Louise after my grandmother, but only if we choose a first name that goes well with it.  Another possibility for middle name is Karen, which is similar to my grandmother's maiden name and for that reason was my mother's middle name--which she dropped when she got married and made her maiden name her middle name.  Not sure about a boy's middle name, but I want it to be somehow connected to my family.  Our son's middle name is the masculine version of my female cousin's name.


For a first name, Rosalie is calling to me...but other than that I haven't given names a whole lot of thought yet.

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Both of our boy's middle names are from our family, but if this baby is a boy we'll be out of decent options. We've always thought of going with Ben for another boy, 'Baby Ben.' I think the middle name would probably be Aaron, but I think Finn would be fun.

Our potential girl name has been Gretta Elise since our first kiddo 7 years ago. Maybe we will get to use it! If we hadn't started a Biblical/traditional trend I also like Iris, Opal, Laurel or Poppy....but I don't think my husband would go for any of those. Picking names IS lots of fun smile.gif
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I think finn and albert would be fun boy names, but we already picked the name.  Or rather, I remember us havning picked the name and I am happy with that.  DH doesn't remember names well so I could probably just pop in after the birth and say whatever I wanted, lol, and he'd be like, um ok.  Well, unless it was albert, DH does not like that name and has said so several times.  I like it but he has playground memories about a poor albert from his class who got really picked on.  :) same reason I can't do Lisa, bully du joir (neither of us has issues with any such named persons we know, just for our own child, we couldn't!)

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My partner and I have a rule that we never talk about baby names until after the baby is born.  So far it's worked really well and we named both our girls within about 30 seconds - well, maybe one minute for the first one.  I kind of like it because then I can sort of brew names inside my head, but then when the big day is there, we toss out one or two, and so far it's totally worked.  I kind of feel like girls names are easier, though, and I'd be a bit stuck if we have a boy this time.  My sister just had a boy and got to use my deceased father's name, which is awesome, but it would have been a possibility otherwise - though probably a middle name for us.  Anyway, it's definitely fun to think about!  I have no really great ideas yet, though!

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