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John is here!!!

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I'll post more later, but here are the stats:

John David
9lb 1oz
20 1/2 inches
Birthed at home with just me, my husband, and our kids!! Perfect!!!
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Oh Abk! Congratulations! Welcome earth side John! Precious little button! Xxx so much love and care to you all! Enjoy these first precious days! Xxxx
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Sweet boy! Congratulations on your new son and your happy homebirth! Enjoy.joy.gif
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Congratulations!! He is precious! I hope you can get some much deserved rest, and plenty of time to just enjoy your special little guy! :love

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Oh, abk! Congratulations! I was just thinking of you this morning. What a beautiful son. I can't wait to hear his birth story, and I am THRILLED that you were able to have him with just your family there. :joy 

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He is so sweet!! Congratulations!!!
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Oh wow! Congratulations! I was wondering about you!
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Awww yay! Congratulations abk! Can't wait to hear more about John's arrival!

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Congrats! Let the baby tsunami begin!
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Welcome, John! Congratulations, abk!
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Congratulations! Your birth sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it. What a beautiful little face!
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Congratulations!  Adorable.  You and your family must be on cloud 9. :)

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Yay!! Congrats!!
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Congratulations!  He's beautiful.  :)

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I'll type up my birth story when I get time. It was magical. We are doing amazing! My family could not be more complete or excited! Thank you all so much!! I can't believe he came at 38 weeks by my changed due date, but 37 weeks by my original and is 9 pounds!!!!

So happy!!!

18 hours old!!
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So so so happy for you and your family, Abk!! Much love mama! He is perfect :) 

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what a gorgeous wee guy you have there Abk! Cant wait to hear about his magical birth! x

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Congratulations! Can't wait to read your birth story :)

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 Welcome to the world, John! And congrats mama!

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So awesome.  Congratulations!   He's so alert in that picture.

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