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Had my baby! Our first homebirth...

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I posted a few days ago stressing about being 41 weeks. Last night started having contractions and wasn't sure it was the real thing since so many Braxton hicks lately. But after an hour and increasing intensity and my water breaking was convinced and called the midwife. She and her assistant came around one. Contractions were unbearable and felt pushy but was only 5 cm. so I had to pant through about 8 contractions to keep from pushing. Finally was complete and could push. My girls came in to see the baby be born--my 5 year old who had planned to be there and my almost 3 year old who is squeamish but got caught up inthe excitement and ended up thrilled. Ended up having a baby boy ( we has waited to find out). He was 10 lbs, 3 oz, our biggest by 2 lbs. And amazingly had no tears! Totally credit my midwife who actively coached on when to push and when to slow down-- holding back was the hardest most unnatural thing I have ever done! But we feel great today. I had pretty convinced myself that a hospital induction was inevitable and am so pleased that things worked put. Even though I did not sleep last night I was too wired to really nap today. Time to try to settle down!
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Congrats! I'm glad your girls could be there.
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That's fantastic!! I'm glad you had a great homebirth, and that you had a good midwife to help you through pushing. Good job on listening to her too...it really paid off, didn't it. How long was the labor?

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Congrats dolly!!
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congratulations!  so happy to hear that your body came through in a timely manner and that it went so well!  that gives me more hope :)

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Congrats! sounds like a wonderful birth. smile.gif
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Congratulations! Enjoy your baby moon. smile.gif
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Congrats to you and your family
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Congratulations!!! Glad everythig went smooth, no tears with that big baby is amazing! Great job!
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Yay! So happy for you that it all worked out.
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Labor was between 5-6 hours. Thanks for all the congrats. Still just in awe of our little boy! It is funny though--- he already is too big for the newborn diapers and most of the clothes I had ready for him. Will have to dig out the next size! At least the clothes were hand me downs. It would be more frustrating if they were new!
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Congrats on your homebirth! Enjoy that babymoon!!
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Congratulations! Oy
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On your sweet boy!*
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Congratulations! That's wonderful!!
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Congratulations on your homebirth!! Enjoy your new baby!

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