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I just have to say my 15 yr old is stinkin' rude

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I know its normal. I know its a phase. But I am really sick of it. I am 30 weeks pregnant and he's just been super argumentative, critical, and rude the last week and esp the last three evenings in a row and I finally told him to go upstairs tonight and just stay away from me!


According to DS:

I use pregnancy as an excuse to not do things I don't want to do. bigeyes.gif

I talk too much. 

I don't explain things well enough (but somehow must find a way to do this without talking apparently)

I shouldn't expect him to help around the house because he's busy and has homework (then I find him watching TV).

I apparently have hearing issues because he absolutely did not tell me the rude things I think he just said. (Maybe its my pregnancy hormones? Oh wait, I am not supposed to blame things on that...)

I apparently have memory issues too because I absolutely never asked him to do (fill in the blank with helpful task or chore) so I have no right to be upset that he didn't.

I shouldn't swear when irritated.

I shouldn't use substitute swear words either because they irritate him

I shouldn't be irritated at all actually. Not allowed apparently. These rules don't apply to him however. 

I shouldn't get upset when he is rude because "at least he's not a bad kid who does (fill in the blank with hypothetical teen behavior here).


I am so happy tomorrow is Monday.

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Hugs to you!!!!
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Sorry he's being a twerp. I have a 17 & a 15 y/o, and they can be awful sassy brats sometimes. I can't complain too much right now (fingers crossed) but I can certainly commiserate! I hope this phase passes soon. (((Hugs!)))
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Sounds like my 15 y.o. niece, my own 12 y.o. is starting in with it a little, too -_- 15 is hard, it's kind of the height of "I know everything and am entitled to do whatever I want because my grades are good and I'm not a high school drop out jeez mom", it's kind of like 7 or 8 when kids realize they can do things themselves and start getting sneaky and lying... And of course, they realize they can't, like your teen will eventually realize that everything's not being done "to" them and will take responsibility for their own actions (hopefully, I hear this happens when college is quickly impending and they realize maybe they don't know everything).

Don't let him get the best of you, stress during pregnancy is no good. One of my friends mothers blamed her for causing her other child to have cerebral palsy because she was 14 during the pregnancy and stressing her out all the time... While blaming your child for causing their sibling to be born with a birth defect is totally messed up, there is truth to the fact that the fetus is affected by your stress level.
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Ugh, sounds like my 11 year old! Sometimes I just agree with him. "Oh, maybe I didn't say that you needed to do that chore before but now that this conversation is happening you certainly understand what you are expected to do. Get to it, please." It's not worth getting into a debate over.


You use pregnancy as an excuse to not do things? Great idea, you should DO that! And make him do some of the things you don't want to do, so he can get a feel for everything you ARE doing that he usually takes for granted. 

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