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Weekly chat 9/16-9/22

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Hi all! 

It's a new week...and I'm sure we'll have some new babies to welcome this week.  I hope all the postpartum mamas and babies are doing well, and that those of us still pregnant are going to benefit from the big full moon/equinox shift later this week. I know, I know, totally woo.  But I'm grasping at straws here. :p 


We're getting some cold weather now, and it's really feeling autumnal, which makes me super happy. Perfect for long, waddling hikes with my guys, cool-weather cooking...snuggling a newborn in a sling (wishful thinking).  I had a good weekend energy-wise, and managed to get the whole house cleaned thoroughly yesterday; we also had some friends over for dinner and I made a huge batch of venison stroganoff and have plenty left for a couple of meals this week. I love fall food...beets, greens, roasts, saucy/stew-y things, really, anything that requires putzing in a warm kitchen. I've been pretty nesty and have some more freezer meals put away, and must. clean. all. the. things. every. day.  Our house is looking awesome compared to normal. I am sure this will all collapse postpartum. 

DS has been enjoying preschool, and I've been enjoying the 3 free mornings that he's there. Did some thrift shopping, knitting, TV watching, errand running, napping, food prepping, etc last week. This week, I'd like to focus on walking and resting while he's there.  It's been nice to have some solo time to get my head together for the transition to come. 

I'm still trying to keep busy and stop symptom spotting. Since I'm a week out from due date, I'm not complaining because I know that some of you are 41 plus and READY. However, I'm trying to do things this week to line my body up to let labor start whenever it's ready (read as: ASAP).  Going to get an adjustment today, a reflexology session and a hike tomorrow, take a bumpy truck ride Wednesday...you get the picture. :twins  My body is so mysterious...from like 32-36 weeks, I had so many toning contractions, and couldn't DTD without a run of painful contractions.  Now that I WANT contractions, they're being pretty quiet. Harumph. I had a midwife appointment Friday, at which I declined a cervical check because I didn't want to get discouraged. I was 2cm/20% soft and high at my 36 week check. Baby feels a tiny bit lower most of the time, and the kicks are more muffled and toward my back rather than side to side. Losing some mucous here and there, but no show or anything exciting. I think things are getting ready, but I'm having trouble with patience.  I think I just had it so firmly implanted that I needed to get to 38 weeks (having had a previous 36 weeker with issues) that my brain assumed that was go time. Silly brain. 


What's everyone else doing this week to keep busy while they wait for their babies? How are you keeping yourself calm and patient? 

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I have been getting woken up all night with contractions but I have no idea how many I've had or how far apart they are.

Going back to sleep now. Will update more later. smile.gif
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that's exciting, CDsMom! Hope this is it!

afm, I'm feeling a bit discouraged after doing my midwife's first round of home induction this weekend (homeopaths and herbs and lots of acupuncture) without much to show for it other than 2 night nights of scant spotting and a smidge of clot that I assume is a bit of plug. I haven't even had any contractions yet that I thought were anything other than BH. so I see mw again today and reassess our plan..hoping I'm open enough for a membrane sweep since I wasn't open at all on Friday when I last saw her. I'm guessing we'll be doing castor oil next and I'll have to go in for an AFI and NST, which I'm not excited about since I never feel better after engaging with the hospital and don't want them involved at this point. I know I'm supposed to be trusting right now and it's really hard!
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Really, really discouraged - had contractions 2-6 minutes apart from 1 pm yesterday until 5 am this morning, sometimes lasting a minute.  QUITE painful.  Water didn't break but bloody show.  Midwife came around 6 pm but left because I was only dilated to 3 (which at least was more than when they checked me less than a week ago).  Have to go in for an appt today and a non stress test.  I am so surprised that labor can stop after over 12 hours of contractions that close together.  

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At this point I'm taking it one day at a time: I might go to Costco and the library, other than that I have laundry planned for today and maybe some rearranging in the kitchen, depending on how ambitious I feel.

My GI system has been incredibly unhappy/upset since late Saturday and DH doesn't seem to have any trouble so I don't think it's a bug. Probably something I changed in my routine but nothing obvious comes to mind.


haurelia: sounds like you're doing well and staying sane.


jess: good luck at your appt later today. Hopefully you can get something going soon!


kali: I hope your labor picks up again today and you'll see your little one soon.

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I'm just waiting.  The random contractions I had throughout the day yesterday never really got themselves into any kind of pattern or frequency and I still haven't seen any mucus or blood or anything like that.  DH and I DTD last night along with some nipple stimulation, and I had a long contraction afterwards, but that was it.  Had another this morning after breakfast, but nothing since then.  Trying to figure out what to do to stay active, since I'm worried that loafing around isn't very conducive to going into labor.  We're still going for walks every evening and I'm doing 30 squats a day, but it is still so hot here I don't want to do anything outside during the day, and indoor activities aren't that much more active than hanging out at home, plus they tend to cost money I'm trying hard not to spend right now.

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Dakipode, GI upset can be a precursor to labor. Woo that it is for you...
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cmu: I'd like to think that it is, but without going into further detail, let's just say it's not pretty when I go to the bathroom and it's not my usual PMS-y GI stuff...

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Understood, dakipode. GL dealing with it, whatever it turns out to be.

AFM, I am sooo sleepy. Of course, last night it was because DH and I stayed up too late watching a DVD, but generally my boy wants to be more active at night. Not my favorite, as I can barely keep my eyes open at these late-night change/nurse fests.
Aside from that, I think I'm healing OK. I am only taking Tylenol and ibuprofen, but still have some significant pain. Doc said I could do oxycodone, but I worry about that while nursing.
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Heading to my NST/BPP US/41w appointment now...
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Good luck CDsmom!

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Aww. Cute little squishy face, CDsMom! That would make me even more impatient.
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I think it'd be awesome to have an in utero and out of utero picture in the same day.
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Haha we did - ultrasound to determine size of baby at 3pm (they said 10 lbs 6 oz) and Jakob was born at 6:59pm (9 lbs 4 oz).
So much for weight ultrasounds!
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Hmmm....  been having contractions all day, about every 6-7 minutes and lasting about 1 and a half minutes.  They feel crampy but are very low intensity.  If I'm not sitting or lying still I barely notice them.  Not sure what that means. The baby has also been pretty active all day.

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I spent allll day prowling flea markets for cheapie genuine leather goods.  I found NINETEEN of them.  I spent all evening prepping them to be painted, but I didn't even get halfway through the process. So I have a big project tomorrow.  Which is perfect because these leather painting projects are the ONLY thing that takes my mind off of the squeezy constant toning contractions and crazy stretching moves little girl is up to so often as she seems to try to see how much room she can manage to get for herself in there (if only she flexes her limbs as hard as she can against me).  I just whimper and whine and feel sorry for myself at how uncomfy it is, when I let myself pay attention, so getting my mind on other things is SUPER valuable for me right now.  Plus I won't want to be sitting outside on the terrace playing with paint and bags/belts/shoes once the baby is here and the weather gets cooler, so now while my hands are empty and the weather is warm enough to hang outside (and the sunshine is bright for good quality photo snapping of the finished results), is the best moment to do these projects.  I'll probably stop for awhile after these 19 but that is still SIXTY FIVE total items I will have painted since I started this hobby two weeks ago, so that's not bad at all, that's like 4 per day on average!  I'm a machine!


Good luck to all of you pining to get the show on the road and get past achey/mystery-contractions land and into snuggle-newborn land.  I am with you, but I've had so many intense toning contractions (since May) that I'm just fed up and refusing to pay any attention to them if I can at all help it until I see some hard evidence that this is the real thing.

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Low fluid levels. Being induced in the morning.

I still haven't really processed everything yet.
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*hugs CD* 


I wish you the best tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by Mama Ana View Post

*hugs CD* 

I wish you the best tomorrow.
This, precisely.
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