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What are you making for baby?

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My horrible HG has subsided and I am starting to think about making things for baby. I know there are other crafty mamas here and hoped we could all share here the things we're making or hoping to make. 


Up until now I was just thinking of making things, but now I have started. I knit a sock and am into my second. I found a bag of Koigu KPPPM remnants at a thrift shop and decided to turn them into a few pairs of luxurious baby socks.


There's the first one. Excuse my iPad quality pics. 


These are so tiny! I am planning to go up a needle size with each pair so I have a range in case baby is huge. I mean for them to be small, though, sort of keepsake socks. Even though they won't fit long, I will always be able to look at them and remember how tiny baby's feet were.


We're a cloth diapering family, so I'm also turning my attention to diaper covers. I am not super into fitted diapers and plan to use prefolds. Still, I need covers. We prefer wool. I'll knit some, but I am also sewing a bunch from fancy merino sweaters I pick up at thrift stores when they have sales. I have 10 or 12 such sweaters collected and ready to cut up. I am using this pattern. I haven't started yet, but they should be cute. And save tons of money. They look like this:



One last thing, I got this pattern yesterday. You can make them of any fabric. The sample looks like this:


Ok, ok, I'll stop. What are you guys making or dreaming of making?

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oh you are making me jealous of your sewing skills. I only knit, I am knitting a baby blanket out of a lovely high end cotton that i have had sitting around for ages not knowing what to do with it, soakers, and sleep sacks...im also going to do some shorties...and have been contemplating little baby cardigans and swing dresses...which i consider slightly demented but it helps me stay distracted while i am on sick leave. i'll need to switch to my cell to post pictures. just a second

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Ok so this first pic is of a sleep sack I made out of some yarn that had been destined to be an afghan but got poached when I needed baby knitting yarn

Then we have a baby blanket out of a lovely high end pimo cotton that's been sitting around forever cause I didn't know what to do with it

Then we have a bulky weight scraps soaker

And an aran weight mattress/changing pad

And a sock weight day time soaker made out of fancy pants sock yarn...hey it's what i had lol. The actual colors are deep ruby reds and egg plant purples
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Wow, you've been busy! That is a lot of knitting. I really want to knit some soakers, too. Do you use a pattern or just wing it?

Well, I talk big about sewing but before I can I have to find my sewing machines under piles of crap.

I finished the other sock yesterday...

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those are adorable!


yeah i've been on sick leave, my grandma died, and we are having financial troubles...i knit because i obviously can't smoke or drink LOL /// i'm joking...i think


I have knit most of the popular patterns, so i just combine what i like my soakers to have. Rav has a bucket load of patterns. My preference is for front loading, knit in the round, and relatively short rise as they are already bulky enough without going to the poor baby's nipples. lol


the fern and faerie pattern is a good free one, it is very adjustable to how you personally want to knit it (though the newborn size is super tiny)

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Right now I'm working on a maternity sweater for me---hope to have that done at about the time I'll actually need it (first baby, and I wasn't too big to start with, so while I now look a little pudgy about the middle I'm not showing per se). Then, off to the baby knits! The nice thing there is they go sooooo much faster.
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All done with the back of the sweater and starting on the front----but have also now cast on this shawl for the baby. DISTRACTED.
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I am in awe of all of your knitting! I am a novice knitter, so only squares or rectangles for me smile.gif. I've toyed with the idea of making a blanket, but really, who needs another baby blanket? Instead I am working on her cross-stitched stocking while the boys are at swim practice 3x per week. I also plan to use up a bunch of scrap material to make baby wipes... I am much better at sewing than knitting... Of course most days I am too tired to do much more than homeschool and feed meals...
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i am knitting the baby a blanket, because it's going to be her heirloom BABY BLANKET. lol both my boys have one (quite by accident i admit) and they love having them with the power of the sun. it is meaningful to them. they would be totally scandalized if i didn't knit her one. lol


Sewing is cool too, i am too impatient to learn how to sew well, also the machine is so very loud and vibratey. my poor little autistic brain does not like that. alot lol


I have added two pair of shorties to the baby pile. though i am taking a break to make everyone's winter hats and gloves. usually i prefer buying gloves to making them because they are tedious and lost easily, but it's hard to bow out when they are watching you knit tons of stuff for the baby. lol

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I have to admit... the stocking is only because the boys have them too.  Otherwise... well, I'd probably be making nothing... :)  My MIL quilts, so we have like 10 or so baby blankets still and I'm POSITIVE more will be arriving.  So for us, baby blankets are like legos - they seem to reproduce like bunnies in this house! LOL!

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I ordered this book from Amazon that Tabitha recommended --- psyched to start some sewing from that, as well. 

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pepperedmoth- I have been having fun with that book! But so far not for baby, for my 5 year old. I have made him two pairs of the basic pocket pants and he loves them. 


You can see more pictures of them on my blog here: http://omelay.blogspot.com/2013/10/basic-pocket-pants-from-growing-up-sew.html


Next up I want to make the baby jacket and bubble pants in this very soft fleece and knit I have. It's kind of fun sewing for a abby that will be born during a colder season!


I have also been using a wool soaker pattern I found online to make many wool diaper covers for baby. The pattern is here: http://katrinassqs.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-soaker-pattern.html








I gathered 12 or 15 very, very soft sweaters and felted them in the wash to make these. The main body of the soaker is thicker lambswool or merino, the cuffs are all thinner 100% cashmere (doubled). 




























I want to make a few more and then I have enough covers between these and the others I have saved or been given. DH also wants me to knit a few because he likes knitted ones. 


Oh, what else? I am knitting a baby blanket.



Anyone else feeling crafty?



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I haven't been knitting for a few years and the bug just kicked in. Trying to first use yarn I have. I'm almost finished with a blanket and have plans for another one and then a little sweater/kimono or two. I'm not that into real bulky yarn so projects can take awhile. Growing the list of favorites on Ravelry. The soakers and other sewn items are adorable but sewing is not as relaxing for me as knitting and not as mobile. I thought about sewing some wipes and breast pads but there are many super cute affordable ones on Etsy. My son seems to feel left out so knitting a stadium type blanket might have to happen.
Taking my knitting into the doctor's waiting room now.
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More stuffs




I have a pair of longies that I will probably finish up this weekend...and for some reason I have really been wanting to try out one of the actual knitted diaper patterns on ravelry. i realize that might be crazy people talk. lol ....but but but...i really really want to lol

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Thought I would resurrect this thread... anyone making things for baby?


I've been keeping a record on my blog and have made quite a few things. 


Right now I'm finishing a tiny little cardigan for her first week. I have a lot left to do sewing-wise before she is born. It isn;t super-exciting sewing, though. 


  • make diaper bag. think I'll use this pattern: http://threadridinghood.com/wordpress/made-by-me-monday-sew-much-ado-diaper-bag-a-la-thread-riding-hood-tutorial/
  • sew a couple of pocket slings. 
  • sew a few large blanket/ pads from cotton fleece to lay under me and baby in bed. We have waterproof mattress but I want a soft, absorbent pad I can switch out quickly at night. Need to make at least 3. double crib size. 
  • finish all the abby wipes. I have already torn flannel squares- over 100- 10 inches square. I have my serger set up to finish them and am doing a few each day. 
  • want to make a big, tall hanging bag for the ned of our sidecarred crib to hold clean diapers instead of stacking them all over my room. 
  • need to make a few more clothes for baby, including pants and shirts. I'm using patterns from Growing Up Sew Liberated
  • want to buy some thin, thin cotton to make a traditional bengkung belly wrap or two. Like at this blog
  • I have the linen for the baptismal gown and cap, but I need to make one of muslin first to test my design. Then, the gown. It's ok if I am not done with this before the birth. I will have 40 days before the baptism. 
  • I think that's it!
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I've sewed up about a dozen flannel burp cloths. That's about the extent so far. I want to crochet a blanket, but I figured I'd wait. I was going to go get some sock yarn and crochet some socks for him. I love sewing, but have been so unmotivated.

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Ive been.using my sick time to knit more

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Oh my gosh, those rainbow ones are so cute!
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I crocheted a wee rainbow hat & finished a blanket i started years ago for my niece & decided to keep. My most ambitious project yet is a lamb hat and I've finished the hat part and now I've started ear flaps and then have to make ears to sew on. I hate following patterns but I'm getting better at it.
I have a few other things i might tackle. Definitely a smaller beanie to match the blanket. I'd like to make something lacy & delicate but I'm just not sure what. A cardigan just seems soooooo haaaaaaard for me. And yet investing in these items feels so therapeutic, like a deep act of faith, much more so than buying things and setting up stuff. So i continue because i need that healing and joyful anticipation!
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I saw someone else had knit this for her baby girl (already born) and I had to make one. 

Right now I am knitting tiny simple hats for other mama-friends who are due around the same time as me. 


And I finally made myself do something from my long list of kind of boring sewing. Today I made two cotton fleece bed pads to go under me and baby in the first few weeks (so I don't have to change my sheets every time my breast leak, etc) Next up: diaper bag!

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