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So far I've managed to clean and defrost the freezer. I'm starting this coming week (maternity leave starts :joy) with Bolognese sauce and spanish lentil soup.They both need similar basic ingredients (onions, garlic, carrots, celery sticks...) and a nice red wine. And if I'm up to it, I'll start caramelizing some onions! 

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Do caramelized onions freeze well??
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I've never tried freezing them but found this tip on the thekitchn so I'm going to give it a shot: http://www.thekitchn.com/quick-tip-freeze-caramelized-o-81485

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Can you freeze mashed potatoes? Freezing food ahead is pretty new to me, as this is the first I've ever had meaningful freezer space.  We do shepherd's pie a lot, so I am curious about how mashed potatoes fare.

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Mashed potatoes freeze ok. I made a bunch of twice masked potatoes with my third baby and those froze pretty well. It was nice to be able to just pull put two at a time for me and dh because the kids won't eat them.
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I'm also planning to freeze mashed potatoes and I'm going to use this recipe: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/freezer-mashed-potatoes

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Excellent, thank you. I'm glad to know that.  Right now I'm definitely planning to freeze some lasagna and some shepherd's pie. I do a lot of casserole type dishes, but most of them involve some kind of creamy sauce, which I've tried to freeze before (make up a big batch and save part for later) and had a lot of separation with.  I'll also do a bunch of snack foods, muffins and things.  I do need to figure out more main dishes though.


Edited to add: I just remembered about Thanksgiving! I'll have plenty of leftovers from that to freeze up.

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Quadruple batch of chicken tikka masala in the crockpot now. First freezer meals almost done :-)


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I have 14 entrees in the freezer!  I'm going to wait while longer to buy the Costco stuff like freezer waffles that will make life easier (though not healthier!) those first few weeks, because otherwise the kids will get into them now (I have a teenage boy!).  Even with my husband home those weeks, there's so much to do and tend to around here.  

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I made 2 servings of cauliflower soup yesterday, will make another double batch next weekend (we ate one portion greensad.gif)

Also, I washed, de-stemmed and chopped three bags of spinach so its ready to go for recipes, as well as a batch of manicotti filling.

Then, I made a single and double serving of cabbage rolls to freeze.

My plan is to spend each Sunday from here on out cooking from my list. Like Jenny, I will be saving the Costco shopping for the end smile.gif

My other plan is to get a bunch of shelves for our dried goods in the basement and get them organized and stock up on things we need before baby, especially stuff like toilet paper, which is not part of our regular groceries
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Yes. I'm also planning a major shopping trip to stock on basics like toilet paper, laundry detergent and wet wipes.  


Jenny I'm also considering stocking up on some ready-made freezer meals (something of good quality). We don't usually eat those but honestly with DD, we ended up ordering out so often, it would've been definitely better to have something frozen on hand.  I also want to stock up on certain canned food (like peas, olives, corn, white beans...). 


So far I've made bolognese, lentil&lemon soup, and froze a couple of portions of beef bourguignon. I also tried freezing a portion of cooked Basmati rice (made with some spices and a bit of minced meat). It defrosted really well but I'm hesitating to make more seeing rice is so easy to make. More likely I'll freeze the base (prepare the minced meat with some veggies and spices) then all I have to do is throw it in a pot and add the rice on top. I'm going to make another batch of beef bourguignon, it was very delicious and relatively easy to make.


Next up is chicken soup and Shepard's pie.  

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My mama bought me a chest freezer! It's smaller at 3.6 cubic feet but wayyyy better than what we had!! I have never cooked a meal to be frozen so i'm clueless but i have hopes!

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Woohoo! So happy for you, Kali!

I forgot , I have a few batches of spaghetti sauce made, but would like some plain tomato sauce ready to go too. Its pretty much a staple at our house.

I have always had good intentions about making freezer meals ahead with my other kids, but between having no freezer space and tiredness, I have never really done much about it. But, like others, we did way too much eating out and throwing crappy meals together. I still expect we'll do a bit of that, but less would be better.
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I need some ideas for freezer meals. I've never made full meals to freeze so I'm kind of clueless. So far I have frozen some chicken chili, butternut squash soup, and beef stew left overs into smaller, single servings for me to have during the day while I'm home by myself. I'm normally really bad about making food for myself, but I know how important having real, nutritious food will be in the beginning. 

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I'm getting such a late start on this project! Here is a list I found that I'll be choosing from... http://www.foodnetwork.com/quick-and-easy/freezer-friendly-recipes/index.html
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Yay Kali, and yay for mamas who buy their pregnant daughters chest freezers : )

We ate soup out of our's for last night's dinner.  Awesome!  I love not cooking but still eating at home.

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It's taken me awhile to get going too. So far I have a loaf of banana bread, a pizza's worth of dough, and a casserole dish of enchiladas frozen.  I hope to put by 1-2 things a week.

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My problem with most of the "freezer-friendly" recipes I've found is that they're for already cooked things to be frozen then reheated. I hate the taste of reheated meat. For some reason the taste totally changes and grosses me out. I need to figure out how to put a meal together and freeze it before cooking. Tonight I actually thought ahead and made a double batch of the marinade for this orange sesame chicken. I added the raw chicken and threw one bag in the freezer (made the other one for dinner.) I figure the remaining steps to make it into dinner are easy and quick enough that I can manage it, or my DP can figure it out. 


MissBrea, how do you freeze then use your pizza dough? We usually pizza here at least every other week, and I have a dough recipe that we all like but I'm not sure how it'd work to freeze the dough. I was trying to figure out how to make the whole pizza then freeze it so we just have to pop it in the oven. Guess I need to make up some dough and do small test batches.

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I think I've done pizza from frozen dough once before? This time I made up a triple batch, divided the dough into three parts, put one part in a freezer ziploc and went on to make pizza with the other two.  When I'm ready to make it, I'll just let it thaw and stretch it to size and make pizza normally. Pretty sure it'll work out fine.  Bread does, when I do the same thing with it, and I'm pretty sure I did pizza that way once too, with no trouble.

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