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I agreethat things like slow cooker meals can be less tasty re-heated, but there are lots of meals where you can prep ahead amd freeze everything so you just take it out and cook it. I got lots of ideas from this website, and I believe they even have a recipe for frozen pizza:


The only thing I'm really pre-making are casseroles and soups/sauces, everything else will pre-prepped.
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Thanks Lida, that's just the kind of recipes I need! We just bought a crockpot last month and I'm still figuring out what I make in with it. I like the idea making up bags ahead of time and just pulling one out. Usually my problem with dinner is I don't bother thinking about what we should have until like 2 pm. Maybe I should think about that whole meal planning thing...

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I stopped by the dollar store today and picked up 4 of those disposable aluminum baking dishes. I'm thinking I'll throw together a few casserole type dished to put in the freezer. I'm going to put together a baked spaghetti type deal today. My DP made spaghetti last night and cooked the entire package of pasta...for three of us, 2 adults and 1 child, lol! Now we have a bunch of left over cooked pasta so I'm going to brown some ground beef and mix the meat and noodles with sauce with cheese on top. Not the healthiest thing on Earth but better (and cheaper) than ordering pizza. After it's frozen how long would you cook something like that? Like an hour at 350*? I want to write the instructions on the top so even DP will be able to handle pulling it out of the freezer and putting it in the oven.

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Homestly, the re-heating part is the one thing I have no idea about...sounds a bit short, tbh, but maybe if you defrost it in the fridge overnight? My DH always cooks too little pasta, so that's a funny story to me wink1.gif my requirement is that every meal must yield enough leftovers for the next day's lunches!
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I made another triple batch of roasted cauliflower soup and 2 batches of shepherd's pie today! eat.gif
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Ok, I am not good at this part- but I also remember being so hungry all the time the last time, and that it was really hard to fix food for myself during the day. Ate lots of toast and cold cereal. BUT I've been experimenting with the crockpot recently, and haven't really liked anything all that much. I made a great big batch of lentil soup with leftover crockpot pork loin that was great, though- thats my only contribution to a freezer-stash so far! Fortunately for me, though, my mother, two sisters, brother, and his girlfriend will be around all of Christmas, so for the first few weeks at least I think I will be spoiled with hands and help. :) I'm not sure if we will be able to get a deep freezer, so I will have to be judicious with the one on the fridge- probably a fair amount of Trader Joe's mostly-prepared stuff, and a good amount of meats that I'll be scouring the sales at WF's for (there's always something on sale!) We have an AWESOME Indian grocery right up the street, so all legumes and grains and some fresh veg are always at hand, thank goodness. I make lots of curries! Oh, and I haven't had luck with freezing potato recipes, either- the potatoes are always mushy and gross. But I love them, so I'd better figure something out...

WIll probably do one Costco run before baby for toilet paper, laundry soap, and frozen fish and fruit for smoothies (umm, not together)! 

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Lida that's impressive for one day! 


I also am crockpot-challanged. The stews never come out tasting quite as good as when I cook them on the stove. And a lot of the recipes require ready-made soups and sauces that I generally try to avoid - ah well. This time around I'm planning to lower my standards and get some (decent quality) ready made food because it really beats ordering out all the time. 

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It's SO hard to not take things out of the freezer now!  I know all those meals are in there...

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Mataji, I know what you mean!! I've only caved once, with the excuse that I needed to "test" my potato-leek soup that I added cream to prior to reading the above comments. Speaking of, it looked super weird as it thawed as the cream had separated (yuck), but I gave it a serious whip with a whisk and it went right back to being delicious.

I've made some progress, here is what I've done...
- potato-leek soup
- mushroom/caramelized shallot puree (to be finished with milk for soup)
- winter squash/brown butter/sage puree (to be finished with milk or broth for soup)
- 1 gallon 2x concentrated beef stock
- beef/bean chili
- sour cream/cheddar biscuits
- pre-portioned/seasoned/shaped hamburger patties
- roasted garlic (frozen in a mini ice cube tray)

Still planning on making... big batches chicken and veggie stock for soups/grain cooking/adding noodles and fresh veg to for soup. Also want to make waffles, bran muffins, banana bread (all cravings I can't satisfy with GD) and a couple grain based dishes like spanish rice or spicy lentil stew. I think that should do it. I hope so anyway.
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Given that this baby will be here either at the end of next week, or in 3 weeks, I have had to lower my expectations of what I will be able to make for the freezer. Lots more pre-made stuff, and DH has agreed to do a big Costco trip this weekend to finish getting everything we need. I also need to finish off my xmas shopping this weekend.

Here is my revised supply list: (the stuff in brackets is what I've already done)

Freezer meals

Home made:

Manicotti filling: 2 (1)
Burritos: 2
Chicken tetrazini: 2
Spaghetti sauce: 6 (DONE)
Tomato sauce: 6
Lasagna: 2
Soups: 10 (5)
Oatmeal Muffins: 24
Banana muffins: 24
Broth: 4
Shepherds pie: 2 (DONE)
Cabbage rolls: 2 (DONE)

Store bought:

Pizza: 6 (2)
Fries: 2 (1)
Hotdogs: 8 (1)
Burgers: 1
Meatballs: 50
Chicken pot pie: 2
Tourtiere: 2
Chicken nuggets: 50
Oven-ready food: 6-8


Pasta: 2 each kind+ manicotti
Meat: various
Frozen fruit
Toilet paper
Bread/bagels/english muffins
Canned goods
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I did a big Costco trip yesterday and my chest freezer is starting to look comfortably full smile.gif I also made a bunch of broth, tomato soup, roasted red pepper soup and am about to make some potato-leek soup using a Julia Child recipe (mmm!) also on the menu for today are some batches of tomato sauce, 2 lasagnas, some more manicotti filling, and some individually-wrapped burritos for freezing. Possibly some meatloaf mixture and some meatballs if I have time.
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Good work all! I'm impressed. So far I put away lentil soup, and some frozen burritos that we ate last night. A friend gave me a lasagna the night before, and I came straight home and put it in the over. I'm not doing very well at this prep business! One the bright side, I discovered lots of maxi pads still left from pre-pregancy. Score! one less thing to buy. 

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Thanks, I got everything done off my prep list and am calling a halt. Any prep i do from here on in is for supper the same day orngbiggrin.gif my feet are KILLING me!
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Jeez, Lida, that's a lot of work!

I put away some root vegetable soup tonight in the freezer, after feeding our family and putting some in containers for the two new moms I'm taking dinner to tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'm going to make Indian red lentil dahl...very simple but makes a pretty complete meal paired with rice.  Everything I have in the freezer isn't like a complete meal, just makes the main part of dinner done: soup or chili, or a main dish.  Still would need to add bread and salad or something to it but that's no sweat!  I find this venture very exciting since I haven't done it before; hoping it makes that time when husband is back to work but babe is still small (1-2 months old) easier on me!  

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Yeah, its the first time I do it too...I also made up 4 macs and cheese for freezing after supper yesterday, and realized that I wanted to make some muffins, so I'll make at least one double batch today. Our chest freezer is begging for mercy, lol! I just found we did so much eating out with the other two, that's something I'd like to avoid, and DH will only get one week off, and though my mom is coming to help, she's not the kind who makes dinner. Still, she eats gluten-free, dairy free, so there is not much in my stash she's going to get either. I can handle make a salad and or a side dish, but I'd like to have stuff that I can pull out and heat without any prep work.
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I put in some red lentil dahl and some pureed pumpkin today.


That mujdarra was so good, I'm craving it!  I have two dinners of it in the freezer and instead of getting those out I think I'll just have to make some more this week!

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wow Lida, pass some of that energy my way! I'm progressing more slowly here, made three batches of beef soup with veggies. Now I plan to make the filling for Shepard's pie. Hopefully this week I can make the following: cauliflower soup, chicken soup, more Shepard's pie filling, and marinated chicken.  

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Trust me, my body is paying for all that work I did this weekend wink1.gif mmmm, Ihave to make some rice and lentils too! DH has been bugging me for them for a few weeks now....the only thing I don't like about making it is slicing the onions. The rest is just standing around stirring and browning things wink1.gif

Now that I have done all the cooking, I really, really need to organize my freezers! Its all just shoved insomewhere as I cooked/bought eyesroll.gif
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I think I can get my husband to cut the onions!

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Huh! I never thought of that! Thanks!!!
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