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Hospital gowns ladies?

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I know this is silly but for you ladies giving birth at the hospital are you planning to bring your own gown to labor/birth in? I just have no sense what a hospital gown feels like. In the birth center last time I couldn't deal with clothes touching me and was naked the whole time so this is probably a moot point anyway but I'm trying to decide if I should even pack an alternative or just bring along something comfy for afterwards.
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I didn't even realize you could bring your own gown when I was at the hospital. But I wish I had known. I really hated the hospital gown for labor and afterward, and they pretty much shoved me into one as soon as I got there. I mean, they were gentle, but they didn't act like I had much of a choice.

Like you, I labored primarily naked (or in only a bra - SO modest), but I think a bra and skirt combo would have worked well.  If you plan to wear clothes during labor, at least to begin with, I would definitely pack an option. 

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When I had DS3, I brought something from home to wear, but when I got to the hospital, the nurse told me to put on a hospital gown (my midwife wasn't there yet) and I didn't feel like I had much of a choice. I wished I'd worn the thing I brought. It was just a simple stretchy black dress, but I hate feeling like a patient (especially when birthing), which I totally did once I was in the hospital gown. I'm extremely modest, though...even during labour. Although, I immediately ripped off that hospital gown once he was born so he could be against my skin! Like you said, if you could very well be naked much of the time, it might not matter. One of my cousins had an awful time with nurses trying to get her to cover up during labour, though. I hope that's just a thing at my stupid local hospital and absolutely nowhere else!
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I'm just planning on wearing the hospital gown... Not my favorite article of clothing, but I'm just going to change into some cozy pants and my own robe after labor. 

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I used a gown called the "pretty pusher."  It was super comfortable and light.  Has an opening in the front for monitoring options and and open back in case of an epidural.  



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I use their hospital gown until I'm settled in a post-partum room and the bleeding has slowed down. Their gowns aren't uncomfortable for me (they are just gowns with lots of openings that have been washed a zillion times). I'm just not interested in buying something new to wear for a few hours and get icky body fluids all over, although I'm not being critical of people who do--whatever makes a mama in labor more comfortable. I don't like gowns normally, so it's not like something I'd ever use again. I did get cute nursing PJs to wear in the hospital after things settle down and we start getting visitors, and I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of them over the next year or so.

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See, I was kind of imagining just bringing one of my old slip/nightgowns that i've stretched out over pregnancy and know i will be replacing anyway but now I'm wondering if they'd even let wear that. I think I'll probably just bring one in case but be willing to wear their gown and or be naked and bring comfy clothes to wear for after. It's funny because I had no inhibitions about being naked at the birth center but for some reason I feel nervous about the prospect of being naked at the hospital. I guess it's because I know that there will be strangers at the hospital and it was just us and our two midwives at the birth center.
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I'm bringing one. I don't care if I get it icky, I want to feel comfy! And my Dr said so long as things keep going like they are we can do things a natural as I want {Yay!!!! If I was to go into labor in the nighty I have on right now I wouldn't change until after. This one is not nursing friendly. The other one is new, but I think $9 is worth it if it will make me feel good even for just a little bit. Who knows I mite hold onto it and make it my official birthing gown, cuz this is just the start for us.

My mom, and maybe DH's mom will be in the room with us. They are both on the shy side, so I'd like to be in something that drapes around me because I've got a feeling I'm going to be moving around and I'd rather not flash anyone I don't have to. Lol.

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I rip all my clothes off.
Its funny as I'm not a naked type person normally.
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My hospital said very clearly that you can wear whatever you want, so I'm holding them to that, lol.  My good friend actually brought me a super long, super stretchy skirt the other day - it's insanely comfortable and she suggested wearing it to labor in.  I'm going to wear it with a camisole, and then probably just ditch the skirt if I go in the tub or when I'm ready to push.  I'm not particularly modest, but I know I'll feel weird with a hospital gown on since they slip and slide all over the damn place usually.  And I hate having my boobs unsupported, so the camisole is what I'm sticking with.


Although, who knows when the time comes.  :)

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Yes, you can wear whatever you want and you shouldn't let them tell you otherwise.  I know there is a pretty popular birthing skirt out there but can't for the life of me think of the name.  I'll do a quick search and come back for it.


ETA:  it's called a Binsi skirt

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