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where will you register?

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Where are you going to register?  Not necessarily because you actually want anyone to buy you things there, or even that you will tell people to buy you things there.  But for the perks, baby registeries are my favorite pregnancy hobby.  


Target - teething toy (mine said the toddler!), pacificer (mine said the 9 m.o.!), 2 nb diapers, travel wipes, and $20 shutterfly g.c.. Eventually you get a one time use 10% off coupon, some cents off coupons and lansoah samples which I never use.


Fred Meyer - a coupon good for 10% off everything (including groceries) after baby is born.  And its reuseable for 3 months.  I do not shop there often, but DH loves them and he will be doing the shopping for the first few weeks.  


Babys R Us - have not been yet. last time they had free formula and 2 free diapers.  Not worth it unless its changed.


Motherhood Maternity - also not been yet this pregnancy, last time they had shutterfly gift cards, which I use so its worth it to me.


Anyone I am missing?

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That's good to know. I've never registered, but it sounds like Target would be worth it.

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I am planning on doing an online registry for people to get things.  I only really want a few outfits and tons of cloth diapers

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ahh,yes, amazon.com too. I would maybe do that and tell people about it, as they are THE place to get many baby things for us.  Even like baby rash cream, once you have free shipping those add on items are a good deal. 

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I'm registering on amazon. So many deals and options.
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Amazon registry :thumb I love that you can use the universal registry button to add things from all kinds of different websites. With Christmas approaching, my family has been asking what baby things they can start looking for and it's been nice to just direct them there. 

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I am sure I will do like I've done the last few times and make a registry on Amazin and then not give it to anyone unless they ask because it's the 4th baby and I feel wrong asking for anything, and then they won't ask smile.gif but Amazon does tend to work best for me with the universal registry and all. If I wanted to register somewhere with an in person store, I would use Target.
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I'll probably just do amazon too. It's highly unlikely anyone will ask, or if they do, that they will actually order from it, so it will mostly be for fun.

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