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Please help me with my tummy pain.

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The past week or two I've started to have pretty bad stomach pain. It's under my rib cage and it feels like throbbing pain. It happens within fifteen minutes of eating and comes and goes throughout the day. I dot eat dairy. Have been gluten free for a year now and have not had any dietary changes recently. I have also Been pretty gassy lately and bouts of constipation. I'm thinking hiatal hernia or some type of inflammation. I've tried rubbing my stomach to relieve gas and it helps but not completely. I just ordered some herbs to help soothe but I'm starting to worry its something more serious. Anyone have any thoughts? Tia;)
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It could be gall bladder pain.  I had a gall bladder attack about a year ago and it felt like I was going through labor again, but there was no baby to push out to get it over with, and there were no breaks between "contractions", just never-ending throbbing pain that would radiate from my front, under the ribs, around to my back.

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Interesting. I don't think mine is as bad as labor yet anyway. How did you end up finding out what it was? How did you fix it?
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It seems to be mainly on my upper left.
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Honestly, I just toughed it out.  It was brutal, but I don't like hospitals or doctors.  It went away and it hasn't come back yet, even though I eat a very high fat diet.  I'm sorry I'm not much help.  And I was reading that it's possible for gallbladder pain to be on the left side.  I hope you can figure this out.

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I've had what is (probably, but technically undiagnosed) gallbladder pain also.  I had bouts like this after a bad meal or combo of foods that seemed to irritate it.  I also would tough it out - with frequent use of hot baths and heating pads (which helped relieve the pain).  I also found and have used some of the advice on this gallbladder attack site regarding foods to eat/avoid/balance and took to using flaxseed oil and making the flaxseed tea at the start of the pain (which actually helped very, very much, considering I had a few 24-hour bouts of almost constant pain).  My pain was as Lazurii describes.  


They'd diagnose gallstones by getting an ultrasound, though.  Would probably be worth keeping some notes on what you're eating to see whether anything could be triggering it.  Might also do good to eat extra light for 1-2 days (rice/soup/tea) to help clean yourself out.  Could also be you've become more prone to gas pains or something.  (I find that happens too :eyesroll).  

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