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Is anyone or has anyone encapsulated their placentas? Did they help?

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I have not.  *bump* 


But I also would not.  I kinda see this as mostly-a-trend in the medical world.  Like green tea was the be-all-end-all of superfoods during my first pregnancy, or beer-a-day during my mother's 2nd pregnancy (ok, maybe that's not a good comparison but that was a trend. She is forever thankful that my Dad vetoed it).   Also, its NOT kosher to eat human flesh (and yes I do love how that simplifies my life in the food department).    


I should also note that EVERYONE in my area recommends this, including my midwife; all of my former OBs' variously offered it.  Its super popular around here, most people who do it buy a dehydrator and do it themselves as the cost is similar and then you get to keep the dehydrator.

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I never thought of the spiritual ramifications for doing it.  I am not Jewish so I don't really follow kosher laws- though we did for a long time.  I would have to pray about it very long before deciding to do it or not.  I want to ask the midwives how much difference it really makes. Thanks for your honest answer

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Nope, never have.  To be honest, I've never even seen either of my placentas, nor did I have any desire to see them.  Blood and body parts gross me out, so I look at the baby and let them do their business with my business.  :o


I certainly don't have any issues with others that do things with the placenta, though.  And if I was hemorrhaging in an emergency situation, I'd find some way to eat some.

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I'm not interested in that, but I would like to get a better look at the placenta.  I'm just curious what it looks like, even though I expect it's yucky--having made a whole new organ, I'd just kind of like to check it out, you know?  When my son was born, I had excessive bleeding and some trouble delivering the placenta, so things got very "medical" and I was kind of out of it.  I remember seeing the placenta briefly in the mirror as it emerged, but that was it.

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I have totally loved having my placenta pills after my last birth.  It being my third, I feel I have something to compare it to, and it definitely helped.  I healed so much faster, and felt so much better.  And, even now, 17 months later, if I'm having a particularly bad day (and by bad, I mean I'm dealing badly with my kids, DH, etc.) I just pop 2 of my pills (I still have quite a few left over) and I feel better pretty soon. I will definitely be doing it again with this baby. 

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I did raw placenta smoothies after DD (2nd baby). I think they were extremely helpful for PP bleeding, milk production and DH said I didn't seem as "crazy" (in the sweetest way possible). I will be doing it again if possible. I think I'd like to dehydrate some too so if I do feel any baby blues or overwhelmed months down the road than it's an option too.
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I wanted to last time but didn't because my ex thought it was disgusting. I'm hoping to this time around, however.
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I actually did look at the placenta from my third baby. It was pretty neat

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I would like to see mine this time too.  It was on the list last birth but the whole ubac thing meant that the midwives were in emergency mode when they arrived, too many things to check etc for there to be time for me to check out the placenta.  Its a pretty cool organ, like growing an entire electrical plant....

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I looked at my placenta after my first birth. then we put it in the freezer because I had planned to plant a fruit tree with it to commemorate our son's birth.  Then the PPD hit around 4 weeks postpartum and I was in a downward spiral.  I thawed the placenta, my doula came and processed it into pills.  It was amazing the difference in my mental state after taking the placenta pill supplement.  Maybe it was placebo, but I have to think it helped me break out of that postpartum fog.  

This time I won't wait, placenta smoothie after birth and I plan to take the dehydrated placenta pill supplement too.

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I have looked into this, and ultimately, it sounds like the best way to retain all the properties, is to make a tincture and frozen pills.
Dehydration, and all the processing to get it powdered, is going to kill off too much of the good stuff.

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I did the raw form of capsules for my second. I had way more energy, hardly any mood swings, and even a stronger immune system. It is strange that out has become trendy, but it is not a modern phenomenon. It certainly required some mind over matter for me, but I am definitely doing it again this time. If you think you might do it, check into ways to nourish your placenta too. Best to have a healthy placenta if you want health benefits ;-)
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