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So, how much of this do you actually...

Poll Results: so how much of this did you

This is a multiple choice poll
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    want it all, sooooo cute
  • 60% (3)
    want some, looks fun
  • 0% (0)
    have it all and looooooooooove it
  • 60% (3)
    have some, don't need more
  • 20% (1)
    seriously what is all that even for?
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a have,

b want, and

c have heard of.  They make organic baby clothes?  this is news.




the mama cloth thing I am dabbling in this pregnancy.  zipper pjs from good name brands like kate and hannah are on my wish list because we have some that have seen 5 kids worth of action (I swap sizes with lil sis) and are still good as new.


I have swaddle blankets and love them but they are not on the list.  nor are my personal fav cloth diapers, bumgenius, or those really heavenly salves from earth mama angel baby.  Mostly except for the pjs I have all the above but unorganic and less expensive.  


What did you mamas think?  Find anything to add to the baby registry? Bemused? 

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That isn't my favorite list, and some of it isn't necessary. I make my own wipes and just use warm water.  I also won't buy special soaps and creams, because I'll use coconut/olive oil. My youngest son had the best skin ever, and I used milk bath instead of soap during his first year.


Most of our clothing I purchase used, so probably no organics.  I'm going to make my own Moby style wrap and nursing pads, and already have a Boppy with two covers.

The bunny blanket is actually a really bad idea for a baby, and the "nursing" cami isn't the style that I prefer.  I like the ones with the flap that covers the hole and latches at the top. It is so much more discreet.

The diapers are nice, but I don't think I am going to buy newborn size....not sure yet.smile.gif

I may go back to mama cloth again, because it is easy when you are already washing diapers.  I gave up when my kids were out of diapers and didn't want to hassle with a tiny, separate load.  I make my own, though.

In looking through the two tubs of things I saved from previous kids, I have enough blankets for two or three babies....lol

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The bunny toy is cute and all but I prefer these http://www.atoygarden.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=783

they are lavender scented and make an amazing transition object.  The baby smells it and snuggles it while you are nursing him to sleep then they take it with them to the crib.  In a few months they start to associate that object with the comfort and love of nursing to sleep and it helps them to settle.  Best of all it is lavender scented!!!


I swear by bottom balm

 We already have an ergo and Moby and to that I would add that woven wraps and ring slings are wonderful too.


Some of that stuff is not necessary at all.  Some of that stuff is great. The wipe cleaner is not necessary it is too easy to make your own.  I don't think that the organic wipes or clothes will be at our house since- as previous poster said- we buy used.  I love glad rags and will buy or make some new ones.

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I use cloth wipes as well as my own solution (easier to make it than to buy it imo).  NEver made my own baby carrier just because I can borrow any kind I need and am too lazy to go to the effort.  Also have not made my own mamacloth, although I mightif I can't find more cheap new ones (someone changed her mindabout trying it and spoiled me with a reallygood deal).


I love the lavendar scented toy idea.  We have a scentsy lamb that is a similar idea, with a replaceable pouch so you can make her smell like whatever you want.  Those dolls are adorable, I will have to keep an eye out for one.


We buy most of everything used, including our fav pj brands: they are used for a couple months each size, tops, so even if somene used the same one for two kids, its not even a year of real use. :) 

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Snap brand diaper covers are my favorite (i like that the 2 straps are verticle, not horizontal)
although we only got them when my DD was about 10 lbs, so I don't know how they will be on a smaller newborn. Onesies are one of those things that are hard to get used for older babies, b/c they just get worn out, so the organic ones for older babies looks appealing... But organic baby clothes are SO expensive! I get pretty much all my clothes used. I did get lots of used newborn, 3 mo, etc onesies b/c they grow out of them too fast for them to get all used up.
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Those are all things I'd be happy to receive as gifts, but some of them I think are unnecessary (plain water is fine on wipes!) and for others I'd choose a different brand.


I'm a big fan of cloth pantyliners for pregnancy moisture and cloth pads for postpartum as well as regular periods.  So much more comfortable!  I never washed them with the diapers or in a separate load; I soak out most of the blood and then wash them with my clothes.


I agree with Fayebond that swaddle blankets are a must.  My mom made some nice ones out of an old flannel sheet; my son still uses them to play with.

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