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New and confused!

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Hi ladies!
My name is Paige. Im 19 years old. This is the first time I've ever joined something like this. The reason I joined is mainly because im looking for advice and to hear others' journeys/ experiences.
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Welcome to Mothering!! Jump into any forum that feels relevant and any conversation that sparks your interest!

What confuses you? Is it the setup of the forum, or are you looking for something? I'm happy to help you figure things out. smile.gif

If you're looking for anything particular, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the forums and find what you're looking for!

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Hi and welcome to Mothering!!


What kind of experiences are you wanting to hear about?

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Well, I was supposed to get my period on August 10th, and now it's the 18th. It is possible that i could be pregnant. Ive beem with my guy for three years no protection/ birth contol. So im thinking maybe this could be it? Ive been feeling a little nauseous but nothing too major. Any ideas?
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