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Hospital birth

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Hello all. I have has 2 previous successful home births. I am interested in having a hospital birth this time because with my insurance, it will be free, as long as the provider accepts it. Ay recommendations?
I do like women's contemporary healthcare, but am concerned to use the midwives there now that they practice at osu. I have had a previous bad experience with professional for women's health. I will not use them. Is there hope to birth in a hospital?
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I had my daughter in a hospital that was certified "Baby Friendly". Although I had an OB GYN, there was a midwife there and even a student midwife also! The hospital had great support, my OB GYN 100% supported my wish for a natural birth, not to be induced, to stay with my baby (they didn't even have a nursery, and only separate baby and mom if there is a medical need). They had IBCLCs working 24/7 to help and they came to my room about 4-5 times. I had a great experience because of both the hospital and my OB GYN (she was great all through my pregnancy!) It was a teaching hospital (Oklahoma University), I am not sure if that is why it was more modern. My husband was not 100% sure about that at first, but our few interactions with students were great. I will say, when I actually delivered, it was a little crowded but I didn't mind. We had my OB GYN, the midwife and midwife student, a IBCLC just happened to stop in to chat at that time (which was cool because I was able to talk with her a little while in labor), a nurse that was doing rounds with the LC and my husband.
I think there is hope! I did research before picking my OB GYN and the hospital, good luck!
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Oh, I should have said, I live in columbus ohio and am looking for specific recommendations.
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You would probably have better luck asking this in the section that is for the Ohio moms.  You can find it here- http://www.mothering.com/community/f/80/indiana-ohio-michigan

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I've had two hospital and one home births. DS2 was a hospital birth (VBAC) and it was pretty great! As long as you have a solid birth plan that plans for pushy interventions, you should be fine. Some things I'd mention/be aware of: drug plan, asking for skin-to-skin time right after, vax plans, episiotomies (my doc almost cut me without asking until my doula said something), making sure you can birth in any position you want, having baby room in with you, etc. 

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Hey, I'm from Columbus too!


The midwives are awesome!!!  I moved from WCH to Carepoint to stick with them.  Becky delivered my baby a couple of weeks ago.   I had no interventions at all and pushed in many different positions.  They're the only practice in the area offering waterbirth.


As far as delivering in a hospital....  It's not home.   BUT these midwives will take great care of you through labor and delivery.  They come as soon as you're admitted and stay the whole time.  Low intervention is their standard, so you don't really have to worry about that getting away from you at the hospital; it's already worked out.   My SIL recently delivered at OSU also (not with the midwives) and that was what she complained about -- not following her birth plan and a shift change right before baby was born.  But with a midwife who believes in the same thing you do, that's pretty much out of the equation.


Delivering at OSU....  I'll be honest, it wasn't my favorite.  It's just so big.  I was glad to arrive in the middle of the night because it was empty.  I arrived complete, so I don't have a lot to say about Land D.  Except that Becky was awesome to rush there in the middle of the night and get there the same time I did!  The postpartum rooms are TINY and there's lots of nurses coming in the room to take your temp all the time (as at any hospital) and lots of noise and alarms from other parts of the hospital.   But.. you['re only there for like a day.  It was totally worth it to get to birth with these midwives.


Feel free to PM me.

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