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New Mom on The Block!

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Hello, fellow amazing mommies. 


I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, due on February 20, 2014, in California. My sister and I found out one week apart in June that we were both pregnant with our first babies. She found out on Father's Day (so appropriate) after her "Tough Mudder" competition  and I found out the Sunday after, while I was making blueberry pancakes for my husband and myself.


This past Friday, the ladies at my OBGYN did something super amazing...the nurse performed an ultrasound on my sister so she could find out the gender of the baby the same time I did, as her OBGYN in Colorado wanted her to wait another 3 weeks, even though she told her she was coming out here this past weekend to do a revealing with the family. So, I sent our results the to Susie Cakes Bakery that same day and they baked two little cakes with vanilla frosting and the colors of the gender inside. The outside read, "Tatiana is having a...." and the same for mine. On Sunday, I had our family over for the BIG reveal. It was TORTURE the whole day Saturday, as I had the cakes on my counter. I kept holding them up to see if one would weigh more than the other or had more pink than blue, etc...thank goodness I had a wedding to go to that night to keep me from going crazy. :)

Once, my sister and I both cut into our cakes, we just wept. I can't believe she is having a little girl and I am having a boy. I have been in a state of bliss.


I am really glad I found this site and excited to join my first forum and learn everything I can about this new journey I'm on. 


XO - Monika 




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That is the coolest story! How awesome to be pregnant at the same time as your sister. You sound close! Welcome to mothering!!!!! All the mamas here are awesome and have given me so much support when I was in need of it....like all the time anyway, be sure to join you due date club !!! I will send the link if you want soon but as of now I am still figuring out my iPad!
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Hi and welcome to Mothering!


What a great story!  Definitely check out our Due Date Clubs!

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Thank you Adina L. and Tracy Amber. I tried to join February 2014, but I don't see where to actually join the club. COuld you send me a link? I am definitely looking forward to getting some inspiration and advice on here. :energy

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