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2 yo eating nuts?

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My DD is 2 and loves nuts, but I'm not sure if I should be giving them to her... She loves almond, pecans, pistachios, walnuts. I' tried sliced almonds but she doesn't like it as much. I love it from a nutrition standpoint, but wonder if I am just tempting fate... She has thus far done great with them. When did you all decide to let you LO eat nuts?
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My son was eating many types of nuts by that age as well. I used to cut almonds in half only because I think they are a bit harder than some of the others. He's 3 now and eats them whole but I can't remember when we stopped cutting them. We're vegetarian so it's a good source of fat and protein for him. You could say the same thing about grapes but most kids love them so as long as you do it smartly (not in the car, etc) , I don't think it's an issue.
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My son ate nuts at that age too, we broke them up and he also got his molars early so did good job grounding them. They are a choking hazard though. I was not worried about allergies either.
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Unless you have reason to believe (family history) there will be an allergy issue, there's really no need to wait.  My DD was eating nut butters (peanut and almond) by a year because we've got zero nut allergies in any close or even distant relatives.  She's 22mos and will eat cashews and almonds pretty regularly.  She's dairy intolerant so we've been subbing cashews for cheese lately and it's working out well, getting us away from the more processed vegan cheese alternatives.  I don't worry too much about choking because we did baby led solids so she had minimal purees and spent plenty of time teaching herself how to use her own gag reflex to push things back up.  I just try to keep her at a table when eating them so she doesn't go chipmunk on me and shovel everything in at once :wink

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DD was eating nut butters before she was a year old. There is good research out there that shows that earlier exposure (but after 6 months) can actually prevent food allergies. We didn't restrict any foods (by that I mean real food, not processed stuff) once she was eating solids.
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My 2 year old eats nuts, mostly cashews. I worry about choking a bit with her so I don't give her almonds, but all of the softer nuts are all good. 

If its allergies you are worried about, I recently read a study showing that waiting to introduce potential allergens (eggs, nuts, etc) doesn't do anything to prevent allergies to those foods. Unless you have some reason to believe they may be allergic, there is no reason to restrict them. 

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No, totally not an allergy issue, we have no hx of allergies/atopy in the family and I believe that restricting foods won't help anyway. Just worried about choking. Vi think ill stick with walnuts etc which seem softer/ easier for her.
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I am in Europe and over here people aren't so food-allergy paranoid. People give nuts as soon as the child can chew and swallow them properly (for my boy that was somewhere around 2 1/2 years I think). If there is an allergic reaction, you see that and stop giving them whichever nut caused it. You do not give them more than one type of nut at a time to try for the first time. It's not that complicated. All the nut-allergy hysteria is a cultural thing. It's okay to relax about it and still be safe as indeed nuts are among the most common food allergens. Even so, it's relatively rare and unlikely that your child has a nut allergy. If she enjoys them and there's no reaction and she can manage them physically, let her eat them. Not a problem.

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My 2yo loves nuts too.  He's been eating any type of nut since he got some molars, before then we stuck to dried fruits.  I think it will be good for his jaw development anyway.

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My 21 month old has been eating nuts for a long tie. But he has his teeth.

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My son was also eating nuts from a very young age. My DH started giving them to him at first and I was SO freaked out and nervous but he did ok. I would always just tell him "now chew-chew-chew" and I watched him eat them for a long time just to verify he was chewing them up good and not having any problems. Now I don't worry about it at all. I taught him to bite a grape in half though and that is how he eats those- call me paranoid but almost choked on an orange slice when he was a baby and that scarred me for life!!


Also, it's so ridiculous- he eats lots of different nuts and they all say different things on them. Some having choking hazard warnings: "don't give nuts to children under 4" and some say "don't give nuts to children under 6!!"

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When we were kids the advice was no whole nuts for children under 5.

I can't remember when we started giving DD1 nuts. It was somewhere around 2. We also did BLW and she has been great at manipulating food but nuts do worry me. I try to make she she doesn't wander around with them and I always supervise carefully.

We haven't given our almost-1yo nuts yet but, I guess, once she has molars we will.

ETA - I mean whole nuts. She has been having peanut butter for ages.
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DD is 32 months and isn't big on most nuts that we've tried but she adores pistachios and eats them regularly. I'd think they are too small to cause a problem, it seems like grape or hot dog sized things are the type to worry about. I've only stopped cutting her grapes in half a couple of weeks ago (and still watch her closely with them) so I may be more paranoid than most.

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