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DD has mumps

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My 4 year old DD has the mumps (there was a case in her school) and I'm guessing my 20 month old DS will get it too - any suggestions for natural treatment and relieving the discomfort?  Thanks!

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I don't have any advice but having two kiddos with mumps bites! Hugs to you and your little ones!
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Hey bluedaisy. Hope your little ones are doing alright. I have no advice for you but am wishing you the best. Please update us when you can to let us know how they are doing.
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Hi happilymama2, thanks for the concern!  DD is recovered and it was very mild - she had one day of a mild fever (101-102) where she literally slept the whole day (from noon until the next morning, waking up a few times for 30 minutes or less).  The next day she was acting fine but still had swelling and a sore cheek - no fever, ate a little.  By Friday she was acting and eating normally, slight swelling and soreness but not bad.


The incubation period is two weeks so if DS (20 months) gets it, it will likely come next week.  I got the vaccine as a kid but the immunity could have worn off, and DH can't remember if he had it as a child or not.  I'm honestly more concerned about myself and DH since it can be more serious in adults - I'm glad DD got it so now she will have lifetime immunity but I'm hoping DS won't get it since he is still young but he was definitely exposed (mumps is contagious 2 days before symptoms appear) so I'm guessing he will.

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Did your DS ever get it?  What about you and DH?

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No, thankfully none of us did!


the crazy thing was that DD got chicken pox exactly two weeks after getting the mumps - (poor girl!  but it was also very mild and now she is immune to both of them)  Ds was definitely exposed both times - he was 20 months at the time and our house is not that bad, it just wasn't possible to keep him away from her.  But he didnt get either the chicken pox or the mumps!  I was completely convinced he was going to develop the chicken pox and I almost cancelled a trip because it was in the middle of the incubation period.  I'm guessing it's partially because he is still breastfed and he has a strong immune system from not being vaxxed

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Wow bluedaisy! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! What a relief that your Dd sailed through both illnesses without difficulty and your ds stayed well.
It helps me to hear these "we got through it fine" stories. Were there many other cases at her school or just the two?
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