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So how are we all doing this week?

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I haven't been posting to much. Life stress has got me down and I didn't want to be a negative nellie but I'm coming out of the woodwork because i have pregnancy related stuff to share.


So I am now 15 weeks (14 according to the ob but whatever) and really starting to feel pregnant. First of all my uterus is finally big enough that i need an extra pillow under my knee or between my legs, which is reassuring but man i can not sleep at all because normally i sleep on my stomach or curled up into a tight little ball...neither of which are possible now.


Second of all in the last couple days the baby has been really active...in a way that i can feel it. they are still gentle squiggley feelings. I call the baby CthuluBaby right now because i feel like i have a uterus full of happy playful cephelapods. Often times when the manfolk puts his hand on my lower abdomen, the baby dances. very sweet....or course these feelings are still light enough that sometimes i try to second guess myself and think maybe i am imagining it. But overall i'm staying zen and enjoying these last days before i'm huge as much as i can.


how are you ladies doing today/this week?

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I feel so fat.  Ugh.  I hate to say that, but it is all that is worrying me.  I've gained 13 pounds and they are here to stay - and I'm not even showing yet!!!  At this rate I'll gain at least 40 for the pregnancy, my record... I suppose the fact that I just ate my second breakfast isn't helping... but my stomach was growling!  I'm exercising almost every day and I think I'm just too hungry.  I'm really irritable too.  I had acupuncture yesterday to help with that, but I'm still snapping at the boys this morning (in fairness they are being totally obnoxious, but still...)  


In positive news, tomorrow is my son's 6th birthday and we have my 16 week appt. tomorrow too!  I'm looking forward to hearing the baby on Doppler this time and reminiscing about my son's wonderful delivery 6 years ago.  I hope this one goes as smoothly.  I hope that the midwife will give me my paperwork for the anatomy ultrasound... I'd like to go sooner than 20 weeks if possible...

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Selissa- I love CthuluBaby! This is just what I am feeling, too. Soft bumps like there are many little things in there. Sometimes I don't believe it but the other day I felt it while standing, no mistake! Super fun. 


gizzyntaz- Try not to stress, Sounds like you're doing everything you should. Every pregnancy is different. I feel pretty fat myself, even though I haven't weighed myself and have no idea if I have gained or not (I am pretty sure I lost a lot with hyperemesis early on). I was not skinny to start, either. I hope you have a good visit with your midwife!


I'm doing better every day, except in the evenings... I am just so exhausted by then. It's not like I am doing much, but goodness I am so tired. And DH is grouchy because that means I go to bed and ignore him every night. At least I shaved my legs the other day, dude, I'm trying. I am really hoping for some kind of miraculous 2nd trimester energy rush. 


I'm 16 weeks. I'm straddling that 'feeling pregnant' and 'not feeling pregnant' area, where sometimes I actually get freaked out that something is wrong because I don't feel pregnant. Of course my fundus is way up there and I feel movement, I just don't feel huge yet I guess. 


My diet is steadily improving and I might resume prenatal vitamins soon ( I quit at 11 weeks because of the HG, am scared to mess up my digestion again) I am eating an avocado a day this past week! And I have even been cooking dinners for my family. 


Other than that... nothing to report. I have not seen a care provider yet, still waiting on insurance verification. 

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Gizzyntaz, don't feel bad about your second breakfast:)  I've gained the exact same amount--13 pounds, and have been so careful with my eating....I'm so fearful of my weight getting totally out of control with pregnancy (I've always struggled with weight!).  So I think its beyond our control sometimes!

I too have a ravenous appetite, just in the last few wks and it's like I never feel  satisfied....all I want is carbs.  I keep bitterly munching apples, while fantasizing that they are a trough full of fettuccini alfredo! ha!


I feel amazing though, so far I just love being pregnant (its our first one)...I haven't felt the baby yet (well, one tickle last night, but I can't identify if that was a muscle twitch or not, until I am SURE I have felt it.  Then I can say if last night was or wasn't! :)

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I feel a little silly, I kind of forgot that the DDC had a mini forum so now I want to indulge my lazy tendency and find out what I've been missing!
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Hi everyone--I haven't posted in a looong time but I hope I'm back now! I miss connecting with everyone. I was NOT doing well in the last few weeks, physically or emotionally. I'm still really struggling anxiety-wise, but am physically a lot more able to handle each day, thank goodness.

I'll be 14 weeks on Subday. I'm eating a lot better now--like, I'm actually eating. It's so lovely. I want food in my system! And I'm always always hungry. Gizzynatz, I'm with you on the second breakfast. I also want pre-breakfast. Like since 4 am this morning, for example.

I was doing well with exercise, but September threw me off big time. My son started kindergarten and it has been more of a challenge than I was prepared for (and I knew it would be a huge adjustment for my very sensitive, spirited little guy), my daughter was sick so I couldn't take her to the gym with me, and my husband has been working such crazy hours and traveling all month, so I haven't gotten out on my own. I hope things settle down soon because working out always helps me feel better.

I chose a midwife and am moving on to meeting with doulas now--it's exciting smile.gif

Hopefully I'll fall back to sleep before the day begins in full swing--I've been up for a few hours now and seriously? Insomnia, you are the pits. greensad.gif I'm making some Game of Thrones progress though...bright side!
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Hey all! I'm definitely feeling more pregnant every day. I'm moving to a new house in a few weeks and the preparation for that has been stressful.


One big issue is that the new house is WAY across town from where I'm working. I dislike my job anyway, which has me considering finding a new job, but I'm terrified of pregnancy discrimination and I feel like I'll have to lower my standards just to find a job that will hire me at this point. The company I work for has another location 10 minutes away from where I'll be living and I talked to the managers about a transfer, but they denied my request... I suspect it is because of my "condition", but I can't prove it.


So STRESS, yes. I am worried about money and how my boyfriend and I will make this happen with my financially unsustainable commute across town (an hour drive both ways... up hill.. in the snow). This is my first pregnancy and I've never felt so vulnerable in looking for work. I need a miracle.


rant.gif - An emoticon to illustrate how I feel.

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Job stress while pregnant is hard. Do they even give you much leave, GroundBear? Or are they worried you'll quit?

I'm doing so much better! I feel alive again. Finally. If this baby wasn't kicking every day, I'd get nervous about it.

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Beckily, they give 12 weeks, but since I started working there less than a year ago I don't qualify for paid maternity leave. If they are worried that I'll quit, they should have let me transfer! It's much more likely that I'll quit if I have to commute an hour to work everyday...

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People are illogical. I'm sorry :(

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I'm feeling pretty huge! It's my third and my belly is already pretty big. I don't feel as sick anymore, so that's an improvement. :)

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I've been having more energy and experiencing the disappearing bump. Some days it's crazy big and some days nobody would be able to tell (after I eat, it always returns lol). I can still wear some of my regular pants & shirts (don't wanna wear huge tees, then I just look fat!). My abs separated last weekend while I worked 3 12s in a row & while it doesn't hurt, it does feel SO weird and sorta vulnerable. I remember this with the other kids but I remember it being very gradual. This felt much more sudden, but not violent or anything. Makes me wanna wear a supportive undergarment all the time. I have some stuff that works but I wanna investigate the belly bra type cami things. I'm shopping for maternity clothes as the denial wears off. I can't believe I'm actually IN the second tri. 14+4 today and I've felt some flutters but the layer of fat prevents me from feeling anything externally so far. I still have mini waves of nausea, like remembering an old friend. And last night I didn't get up to pee! 10 hours in bed with no peeing! (Must have been the bag of chips I ate during the Emmys, but it was nice to wake up to morning light!! In pain, but rested!)

Mostly I've been experimentally allowing myself to really begin to enjoy being pregnant and really be Joy Filled about having a daughter! 

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I'm feeling much better. 15 weeks today! I finally got all the way through my yoga/belly dance DVD! The baby was doing a little dance after, very fun :D

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I'm 14 weeks now...having a u/s tomorrow afternoon (wasn't planning on having any during this pg), but I need some peace of mind and ideally an explanation for some continued spotting.  I spotted briefly (very light) at 7 weeks and 9 weeks.  Didn't really worry me, but last Sunday and Monday I had a small "gush" of brown tinged fluid soak my undies.  No cramping or pain, but a little achiness in my uterus.  Anyway, nothing for a few days, then Friday I started spotting blood.  Minor, but it's been off and on all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a tiny bit today.  Wondering if it's a possible SCH (clot), placenta previa, or cyst?  I don't know, but will update tomorrow! 

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I hope it goes well, looking forward to your post tomorrow!!

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I don't blame you Ashlee, that does sound very stressful. good luck and keep us updated (hugs)

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Just had my first ultrasound today. Supposed to be 12 weeks but the doctor messed up and it was at 13+1, but it turned out to be 13+6 so I have a new due date of March 26th. Baby is looking good, and very active. Heartbeat at 148, and all looks normal according to the doctor. I can't believe how relieved I am. Back-to-back miscarriages really change your outlook on pregnancy!

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I honestly keep forgetting I am PG. 14 weeks yesterday. I don't feel movement because of my anterior placenta. So I'm constantly forgetting. That sucks. I feel good so far, for the most part. My leg pain has gone down, unless I over-do it. The swelling has been bad though. Hoping my Dr has some remedies for me when I see him Thursday.

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Ashlee, I'm looking forward to your update--hugs and good luck to you!


This week I'm feeling awesome...like my old self, but pregnant! Finally have a visible bump (that feels strangely firm--I wasn't expecting that for a while yet!)  Still waiting on those flutters of movement though.  Our next appointment is tomorrow, so looking forward to that.  Then a month later is the gender revealing appointment...I'm so counting down to that one!

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Well i'm going into the ob today for an anatomy scan and to get the results on the blood test, so we will know gender later on today. So nervous that something will be wrong with the baby. you are very right Krisindenmark, miscarriages sure do change your perspective

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