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Well, my suspicions were correct.  This pregnancy has been "different" from the start :(  There was no heartbeat, no absolute sure sign of baby really (just a questionable fetal pole of about 3.2 mm), which implies that the baby stopped developing around 5-6 weeks.  The yolk sac was huge though...it kept growing.  Irregular gestational sac and a large hemorrhage adjacent to gs.  The full report from radiologist will be sent to my midwife today probably.  Continuing my research to figure out the best way to urge this miscarriage along (as I've been "holding on" for weeks already).  I'd like to avoid a D&C.  I'm feeling okay right now.  Disappointed of course and sad, but I have 3 beautiful children that keep me very busy and my heart full right now.  

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Ashlee, I am so sorry! How terribly sad for you and your family!
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Oh Ashlee! My heart goes out to you! Love and warm thoughts.
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Oh no. I am so sorry Ashlee
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I think I'm finally feeling better. The nausea is all but gone, and the fatigue has improved. I still fade at the end of the day, but I made it through a brutal stretch of 12 hour shifts at work last week without feeling like I was going to cry except for once. Now I have tons and tons to catch up on at home, because for weeks I did nothing. shake.gif


Heard a nice HB in the 160s via doppler at my last appointment 2 weeks ago. :bgbounce


I do feel little movements, on and off, I mostly have to be sitting still and have just eaten. My belly has popped to where I'm getting questions from total strangers about my pregnancy. It's cute but it's so early it's getting old already. LOL. As I predicted, because I look much younger than 34, I'm getting all sorts of unwelcome comments about first babies. Sorry, no, this is my third. Then I get all sorts of unwelcome sympathetic stares like I'm a teen mom. Sigh.


Next appointment in 2 weeks, then anatomy scan on 10/29!

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I'm sorry, Ashlee. I bet your midwife will have suggestions to help you along. Hug your three lovely babies up!

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Ashlee - ((HUGS)) to you! Take the time that you need and if focusing on your kiddos helps, use that! I wish you the best.

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Oh no, Ashlee! *big hugs* I'm So sorry!
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Ashlee, I am so so sorry for your loss. Many hugs to you.
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My thoughts are with you and your family, Ashley. I am so sorry.
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I'm so sorry, Ashlee. Be gentle with yourself. :(

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Oh Ashlee, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry Ashlee--Sending a big hug your way...

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Ashlee, so sorry you are going through this! I have had 3 losses like that--where nothing more than a tiny fetal pole develops. I hope you can go the natural route since that is what you want. I don't recommend "medical management" at all--when I took misoprostal I had horrible pain (had to go to the ER), huge neverending clots, and over a month of bleeding. Take good care of yourself and fill yourself with love of those 3 beautiful children as much as you can!
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Thank you all for the love and support.  I tried the blue/black cohosh protocol yesterday....nothing.  No cramping or bleeding.  I've been in contact with my midwife obviously and a trusted OB who reassured us that there is no risk in waiting it out, no "time line" to follow as long as I feel okay.  So I have an appt for Oct 9th with an different OB that I like/trust who's on my insurance plan.  We'll evaluate things then and likely schedule a D&C if I haven't progressed naturally.  But since things have held on for so long already (over 2 months!?) and not responded to herbs, I'm prepared to have the procedure.  It all feels so foreign since my first three have been completely uneventful/non medical and home births.  

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