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Is anyone else here TTC?

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We've been working on our last addition.   We are on cycle 4.   I feel somewhat uncomfortable posting on Fertility Friend or even here in the TTC forum since so many have struggled.   It's nice to have that support though.    Our first 3 were easy to conceive.  First time it happened.  #4 it took 12 months and #5 took  10 months.     I do worry since I'm 38 and I guess when TTC is involved that is old.  I don't feel old though!!!    I had my midwife test my FSH this cycle just to be sure and it was normal.    The strangest this is I ovulated on CD 11 this cycle.   That has never happened.   I'm not sure that is a good or a bad thing but I guess we will find out in a couple weeks!

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We are trying for #5.. I've had two losses back to back though, and lots of BFNs in between.  I'm just in the midst of the TWW this time around again. 

I stopped charting after the last loss, at least for a bit.  It was too easy to be sad and frustrated when I was tracking so closely every day.  It this month is another BFN, I will return to charting like a madwoman next month. 

I'm going to be 35 in a couple months, and apparently it really is a different ballgame for me than when I was younger. 

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We just had #4 and 5 in April (b/g twins) and we are actually talking about TTC again. My oldest is 9 will be 10 in March). I am just now starting to chart this month. I am thinking we may "actively try" in about 3 months. I'm not sure yet! Wishing you the best on you TTC journey!

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Good luck to both of you!

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I'm not currently TTC because I am 20 weeks pregnant but I just wanted to show support for you ladies! I had a loss before this pregnancy so I know what it is like to not fit in at any of the boards. On the loss board and the TTC boards people were nice to me but I still felt bad when people would ask how many children I already had. I especially had no idea how to respond to things like, "oh, I always wanted six kids but I don't think it's going to work out for me" after sharing how many kids I had.


Good Luck! I hope your BFPs come soon!

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Yes, it's a strange place to be in.  I tend not to be as active as I might on loss boards for just that reason- TTC as well.  I almost feel as though I am being greedy or somehow unfair to other people.  It is hard to make that space for my own life without comparing to everyone else. 

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I'm happy to report we are no longer TTC.     I'm so excited with a bit of sadness.  This will be our last.  So I'm trying to just soak up every experience.   I'm not going to miss TTC but I will miss the excitement that comes with it.   The joy of seeing those lines.    Bittersweet.

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Congrats! :joy We are still trying to decide if my current pregnancy will be our last. We are leaning toward this being the last and it is a bit sad now that the morning sickness has let up and I can feel the baby moving. 

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Treehugginmama, does that mean you are pregnant?!  Congratulations if so!!


I'm pregnant with my sixth, and it's our last I believe.  It's a matter of resources for us, resources of all kinds, mental, financial, emotional...but it is incredibly bittersweet.  Yes, Patti, once the morning sickness wore off and I felt great, I was sad too.  

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I am!!   I need to fix my signature!      Thank you for the congrats Patti and Jenny.

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Awesome news treehugginmama!!! Congratulations!

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I just wanted to drop a line (or 2). How are you doing treehugginmama?

I'm in a funky phase right now... I have 4. The baby is 10 months. I'm already getting baby fever again ?!?!? I know we can't TTC right now.... I'm thinking maybe next September. Then LO will be 18 months, but if it worked out I would finally get a May baby. I would just love to have a baby in May smile.gif I would love to have one more DD. I know how badly my DD wants a sister. Id be thrilled for another DS too...
MIL gave us this talk about a month or so ago about how we should really not have any more since now we got a baby with blue eyes....???? Ok...???
Idk that I really had much of a point, but its good to get it all out LOL
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We are TTC baby 5. All the others were conceived in 1-2 months but now I am 35, not 31, and paranoid I am too old.

TTC when you have a lot of kids already is weird because I know enough to be both excited and a bit scared. I'm currently obsessing about a new car. Our minivan is showing its age and I wonder if I would be happier with a full size van next (like that new Nissan NV.) My kids are 9, 8, 5, and 3, and three of them still need full car seats, plus a baby seat if we are successful.
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@3LilChunklins I think 10 months is that first magic age where baby fever sets in. At least for me. wink1.gif Though, when I mention it to newer moms, they look at me like I'm crazy. I think us MOMs get that a lot though.

I just conceived what I hope will be number 5. I'm terrified though. I've had one loss between 3 and 4 and I just feel like this is not going to work out. We decided to TTC and I swear I got pregnant the next time we dtd. Today I noticed hair loss in the shower. I'm trying not to obsess, but I don't know how I am going to make it through the next 7-8 weeks (first trimester). I don't feel sick at all and that just worries me more. greensad.gif
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My baby fever never goes away! ❤️ I am hoping and praying that I won't feel constant deep sadness after our last baby, or after menopause! I am envious of those ladies that are able to say "I just knew I was done". I hope to get there one day!

We are not preventing. I'm not charting or "officially" TTC, but I am very very very 😊 excited and hopeful that I will see those 2 magical pink lines again soon. God willing, it will be my 8th living child, and our very last! I will have a tubal ligation afterwards. So this is a bittersweet season for me!!!
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