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Shift work success stories, please!

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Hi! New here, but needing some encouragement. Hubs is in school full time and working nights. We have some rowdy weekends (wink, wink) but I've seen a lot of studies online about how shift work greatly decreases your chances of getting pregnant. I work 40 hours a week (8-5, normal hours), and there are days he is home after I leave for work (I have to leave pretty early) and gone again before I get home. I don't want this experience of TTC to become a mess of scheduling and non-fun sexy-time, but I am concerned that with his days and nights and shifts and class time and sleep being so jumbled we're going to get discouraged. He is done with classes and will be moving to day shifts in December, so we could always just wait, but we really don't want to! haha

Have any of you been through this? Would we do better to just wait?

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Yep. Been there. I do think shift work greatly affects fertility and hormones in general. Ultimately we did not conceive either our son daughter until my husband was rotated onto day shifts even though we did the scheduling thing. Sexy time at 3am when he got home ect. It was rough and discouraging. We were also dealing with other fertility issues as well though.

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We dealt with a rough go of trying to TTC #2 and a couple of miscarriages. Dh works a weird schedule. For various reasons, I used the clearblue easy fertility monitor to time my cycles. It was well worth it for us. I know the day we conceived, dh was leaving for his 24 hr shift, and I said, I just got a peak on the monitor, let's do this quickly. Lol, seriously. I'm glad it didn't drag on for too long, but we approached it with a good sense of humor.
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Yeah, the problem is I have a weird cycle. Like really weird. My last cycle was 33 days, the one before that was 28, the one before that 23. I have nothing wrong with the plumbing, its all been checked out. We have a standing Friday night 'date', but we just can't get any sexy time in during the week. So I was just hoping someone would give me hope. So thanks Carson. You gave me a little hope! We are certainly enjoying the process, so I'll just have to let it happen as it happens. No HPTs in this house! :)

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Well with a weird cycle and your schedule, I'd really recommend the CBEFM to time things if you are looking to TTC quickly. I was able to get mine used and resell it, basically just paying for sticks. But maybe you aren't there yet, I understand.
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I never thought to look for a used one! thanks!

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