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When can kids color their hair?

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Any ol' time is good with you or will you influence them to wait until they are out of the house? Personally D.S. can color his hair anytime he wants, although he hasn't, and I don't think he will. But as long as I didn't spread the hair dye alllllll over the bathroom (sorry about that mom!) I could color it any time and any color.


What about you? how old were you when you colored your hair? I would especially LOOOVE to see pics! I might be able to dig a couple of me up.

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I was probably 14ish the first time I colored my hair.


I will let DD whenever she wants to, although I won't lie- I typically don't like hair color on little kids at all. But, I won't stop her if that's what she wants to do with her hair.

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My stylist is against it for kids because she says the skin on their heads isn't as thick as adult skin so we are holding off until DD is in her mid teens. She uses the hair chalk all the time though and loves it. I don't care what color she does.
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When they can pay for it themselves, be in charge of the total process (including clean up) without any help from me, and can understand the consequences.  Before that, they could use food coloring.  In general, mid to late teens.

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I think it depends on the method used. Kool-aid or chalk wouldn't be a bit deal to me when they could understand that it could take a bit for it to wash out. Temporary gel or spray type colors would be more of a "convince me" type deal. But a full out change your hair color dye job? Yeah pay for it yourself. Highlights? I could maybe be convinced a bit earlier and to help pay for. 

It's just hair but the chemicals worry me on little bodies. Hair cuts I'd probably be more lenient on, although it would really bug me, I'd still say yes :)

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Theoretically, I'm ok with my kids having any color hair they want as soon as they are old enough to express an opinion. I already let them cut their hair however they want, including mohawks for the boys (the girls have never wanted them, but I'd probably let them if they were really sure).

Realistically, I reserve the right to insist on short hair, or deny hair color (or any other privilege) if someone refuses to care for their own hair (ie, washing and brushing on a regular basis). I would also take how harsh the chemicals are into consideration; hair chalks and such are fine for little kids, but I'd wait for them to be older to consider bleaching and permanent dye. Finally, I am not at all good at dying hair myself, so I expect them to either be able to do it themselves, ask a friend to do it, convinced Daddy to do it, or pay a stylist to do it (with their own money).

My 15yo DD has been dying her hair for a couple of years now. Sometimes she does it at home, sometimes her other mom takes her to get it done, and sometimes I take her and she pays for it out of her allowance. I don't care what color she dyes it, although I have said that I don't think black would be flattering on her. My little girls occasionally play with hair chalk, but that's it.
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My then 3yo wanted purple and pink hair. We used Punky Colours and only did a section framing her face and kept it well off her scalp. She loved it and has done it several times since!
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The youngest was of my kids was when they dyed their hair was 3.  We do temporary color like Manic Panic and it washes out in a week or two.  No big deal.  I don't get stressed over that.  I won't allow my kids to do permanent dye until they are at LEAST 18 but temporary is fun and let's them change things up and express themselves.  I also don't get bothered by haircuts they want.  I have one who has a chin-length bob and one who told me today that she wanted to grow it all the way "out the door" like Rapun*el(that key is broken on my keyboard).  We compromised on maintaining it once it reaches her bum so that it can all fit in the shower to be washed.  :wink  But if they wanna cut their hair, do chalk, dye it with semi-perm dye, I'm good with that.  No bleach, nothing permanent.

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Kool aid, henna (done right), any kind of temporary non toxic stuff would be fine with me unless it would conflict with their school or work goals.

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As long as it's Henna/casia/indigo and the reason isn't "I hate my hair" then I'm fine with it. 

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Anything goes as for hair in our house (as young as 4, lol)...but we don't have school or anything.

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At 11 & 9 I'm just fine with semi permanent :-)
Here's the 11 year old's final result.
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And the 9 year old :-)
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TCMoulton- My daughter wants the exact same colors as in the top pic! Thankyou for the preview!

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Originally Posted by ShaktiDevi View Post

Anything goes as for hair in our house (as young as 4, lol)...but we don't have school or anything.

My oldest DD was surprised to learn that other kids have to worry about school dress codes when dying their hair. She couldn't understand why anyone would care!
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Originally Posted by michelleepotter View Post

My oldest DD was surprised to learn that other kids have to worry about school dress codes when dying their hair. She couldn't understand why anyone would care!


Yeah, my kids were the same way.  Our school has a dress code policy against anything but naturally colored hair and hairstyles.  HOWEVER my daughter had purples streaks for a long time last year and nothing happened.  And her best friend started school this year(third grade) with a whole head of purple and blue.  And I know for a fact that this little girl also had no trouble with the dress code.  So I don't know if they really DO care very much even though it's in the dress code.

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My kids had highlights and streaks done at a salon when they were about 8 or 9 y.o. They had fun trying to dye with Kool-Aid at about the same age. Their hair is dark though, so it didn't take very well. 


They were both about 16 y.o. before they tried a complete dye job, with first bleaching out their natural colour and then using the dye. That's about the age when I figure it's really up to them. At that point, I've warned them about the problems of chemicals, over-processing and so on. They both used dyes from the pharmacy at about that age. DS had various coloured (at different times he tried bright blue, dark green and red - not all those colours at the same time) liberty spikes in his last couple of years of high school. A couple of years ago, DD had a purple underlayer. Last year, when she was 16 y.o, she had bright pink hair for most of the year.  


They are 20 and 17 y.o. now and both have their hair back to their natural colours now. 


I was about 40 or so when I first dyed my hair. I dyed it to cover grey, so it was basically getting it back to my natural colour. I gave up on that about 6 years ago and let the grey come in.   

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I have never dyed my hair, but I have always liked the color.  I have done the one-wash out dip dyes for just the ends.  Our rule is that you have to have a dress code appropriate hair cot for school, but during the summer you can do whatever you want.  Last summer he grew it out long, this summer I gave him a mohawk and his Uncle dyed it blue with Jello.  He is a natural blond, so no bleaching was required.  Both my sisters have dyed their hair frequently, and my mom started cover her gray in her late 20s.  


So hair stuff is fine, tattoos and piercings will have to wait until he is 18 (and his daddy will keep praying he never wants them)

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Anything he wants to do with his hair is fine with me. He currently has longish (about shoulder length) hair because that's how he prefers it. I was allowed to color my hair however I liked starting at about age 12 and it was a big deal for me; I think it's important to allow kids personal freedom when it comes to fashion choices. Here's a current pic of his long hair. 


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I think it's okay for kids to dye their hair whenever they wish.  Yes, it's chemicals and not great, but you can always get the Henna products for natural colors or just dye the tips with dye if you don't want the chemicals directly on the head.  I do my own tips blonde and my 9 yr old has done hers blue.  An alternative too would be hair chalking if you don't want to use chemicals at all. 

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