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Oh gosh...I just have to laugh and say that I wish my belly looked like some of you girls' when I wasn't 8 weeks pregnant! smile.gif After two big babies, I think I'll post after this baby's growth starts to fill things out quite a bit more...like 4 months. Right now there's more evidence of numbers one and two than little three. Everyone looks great...very exciting:)
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More of a point than a bump. It's just a bit of fat, but definitely pushed out a bit more than usual. My pants definitely don't fit. 

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Vloated i just have rnd of day belly
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13 weeks, second baby.

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Wee #5 .... about 13 weeks

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I love seeing all of the pictures!  I'll add another on Friday when I reach my next week milestone :)

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this was after dinner the other night :P second baby, almost 10 weeks along. I can definitely see and feel a difference this time around. this is obviously not my uterus, but my body is just wasting no time getting back to that pregnancy shape. And unlike last time, I've gained no weight yet so it's not a weight gain belly, it's literally just a baby belly. well, and too much dinner. and the first trimester bloat. but you know...

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Very cute!

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Ok, here is mine at exactly 13 weeks.  I bought my first maternity shirt today, put it on, and it made me look pregnant.  Hahaha...photo op....


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12 weeks today! Upon waking, after peeing, before eating...perhaps the beginning of a bump? belly.gif

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13 weeks and so proud of my little bump (this is in the evening so a bit of bloating included)!
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Lovely bump Sourire! :twothumbs Grow baby grow!

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This picture is terribly dis-proportioned because hubby took it while lying on the couch :)  This is me at 3pm yesterday, after breakfast, lunch and second lunch :)  I wake up with a much smaller, but definitley-there bump, and then it stays about this size from lunch until I go to bed.  I'm 12w5d here with my first baby.  I hope I get a cute bump.  I'm of similar size to my mom, but I can't begin to make out her figure in all of her tent-like maternity clothes of the 80's!  She says she just had a "regular belly." Whatever that means :) Anyways, people close to me can tell I'm showing when I wear clingy clothes.  Hubby always says it's so cute--I can't say I was expecting that reaction from him.  A pleasant surprise!

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Let me embarrass myself here. remember this is the 5th time my body has grown another person to this degree... 10 weeks. hard to believe that baby is about the size of a .... strawberry! LOL my body definitely knows how to look pregnant!

Soooo with you. 5th baby on the way and my intestines were like..."oh, hey, well just move up here and out of the way for ya, baby!" I have very obliging intestines.
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Sixteen weeks, second baby.
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This is first thing in the morning after heaving into the bedside garbage can. :-( Luckily I felt ok the rest of the day. I will have to take an end of the day one, too.     (13 weeks 4 days)

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First baby (15 weeks 6 days) but not my first time growing a belly!
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Pretty ladies !
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Sorry for the shoe store selfie :P My belly is definitely at the point where it's obviously bigger, but could still be mistaken as just me gaining weight. Ah well. What can you do? This is at 14 weeks with baby #2.
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16wks with baby #1.  This is BEFORE the Thanksgiving dinner at my folks place yesterday. :) I would post the AFTER picture, but it seems a lot of the turkey and gravy went to my face! LOL

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