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Looking gorgeous Tanya! 

Here's me at about 24 weeks


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Here's me at 26 weeks:


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26 weeks :stillheart:):rainbow

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Bare Belly... AHHHhhhhhh....  29 weeks

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Your pants look so comfy! I'm in the waist less club and can't keep any up. And I can't believe u r 29 weeks already! That means I am not that far away from 29 weeks!
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thanks. they are actually not even maternity pants at all... they are Merona ( target brand) I got them at a bag sale... they are comfy. Jeans always fall down on me, and my mama skirts don't fit at all... so stretchy ones are what I got left. I cant believe Ive made it 30 weeks, its amazing. I reflect a lot on how happy and thankful I am since I had lots of bleeding and stress about that in the beginning, totally thought I was not going to carry long if at all. I feel blessed daily.

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30 (ish) weeks... yeah. Im still amazed we made it this far... but excited none the less.

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Have you had anymore bleeding? Cute birds smile.gif
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thanks, no bleeding since 12/13 weeks ; )

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27 weeks when the picture was taken. A friend of mine did some maternity type photos for me while I was back in CA. Can't believe how fast all our bumps are growing and how soon May will be here.

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~~Very nice megyoung! I need to get a new picture of myself up on here pretty soon. I’ve really popped!

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oh look at us all! getting so pregnant! 

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~~Here are some hilarious pregnancy photos I came across today—to hold us over until more of us post cute pictures  I laughed like crazy.



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29 weeks...I'm 31 weeks now. :)

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Hahahaha I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror last night and HAD to take a pic. Big pj pants and a tshirt that doesn't fit over my belly anymore. This is how I roll these days at 31 weeks!
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Here's me at 31.5 weeks!!!!
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32 weeks :nut

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32w2d.  My sister-in-law took these pictures at her place on Sunday. :)

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CUTE!!! love the bellies ladies... WOW its unreal to think that our babes will be here in WEEKS, not months anymore...

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31 weeks... don't mind the clutter :wink 


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