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Bumps :)

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I have seen a mention or two of mamas who are starting to show :)  Anyone up to posting pictures?  I am too overweight to show yet, but it is so fun to see :)

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I feel like I'm showing already - at least my pants don't close anymore! Ha! I'm 11 weeks smile.gif
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This is my second baby and I feel like I am showing so early!!! None of my pants fit anymore! I'll post pictures at some point but I feel like I just have a ton if flab not a baby bump! Anyone else? I am feeling much more susceptible to body image stuff this time around! smile.gif and i know I shouldn't be, but I still am!!!!! Ahhh well! Haha. Please tell me it's not just me ..... Lol!
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Sharing pics so maybe others will start. :-) The first is 6 weeks, I had already put on 3 pounds and started showing, but I didn't think to snap pics before that. The second is at 12 weeks. My clothes don't fit and I bought a pair of maternity capris already. I feel so big for so soon! I guess that is normal for #3 though...

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Awwww, such a cute bump :)

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Yeah, my belly is bumpy, but it has nothing to do with this pregnancy! And I'm certainly not posting any pics of it, either.

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Ooooh yeah showing.
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ill post a pic later on.  i am definetly showing at 14 weeks and have been since 10 weeks, though i felt huge from bloating since about 7 days after conception!

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Here is my baby bump! 13 weeks :) This is my 3rd



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This is my 4th, and I surrendered to maternity pants aout 4 weeks ago! I'm hoping I can get by w/ longer camis and cardigans for most of the winter....we'll see though! My babies have all been born in June, July, and early Sept....so I have almost NO winter maternity clothes! 


DEFINITELY showing. My husband has even started rubbing the belly! 

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My husband rubs my belly too! I love it. With my first marriage and first 2 kids, my x wanted nothing to do with me or my belly. He never even felt the babies kick.
This time my new husband puts coconut oil on my belly every night and lays there rubbing it. I love it so much.
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