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Finding out baby's gender or not?

Poll Results: Do you plan on finding out baby's gender?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 28% (6)
    Yes~ Ultrasound
  • 33% (7)
    No~ Planning Ultrasound, but don't want to know
  • 28% (6)
  • 0% (0)
    Might try non-ultrasound test (ex Intelligender)
  • 9% (2)
21 Total Votes  
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I am curious how many mamas are finding out baby's gender.

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DH really does not want to find out. DD1 was a surprise. I could have been convinced to find out this time just to make getting ready simpler in terms of clothes and whatnot. But he really does not want to know and I don't think I could know and not blow it and tell him or let it slip.
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Opposite here smile.gif. DH really wants to know more than I want to wait so we'll find out at the ultrasound as long as baby cooperates.
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My DH would like to know, but I am on the fence. It's one of life's only real surprises, you know? Our first was a surprise, the second was not. I am sort of wanting this baby's sex to be a surprise, too, but I may let myself be persuaded otherwise.

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I'm already referring to this baby as a she and my DS's little sister. yikes.gif: So we will find out ASAP so I can readjust if we find out we're having a little boy. (I never ever thought I would be this person...but it just sort of happened.)

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I had no ultrasounds last time. I would like to be so strong this time. The girls at work are already trying to convince me to let them peek with our portable machine. DH enjoyed waiting last time after it was all said and done, and is on board with it this time as well. :-)
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I will have a 20 week anatomy scan because of some personal medical/ genetic history. But we wont find out the sex until the birth. :) 

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Originally Posted by CrunchyMamaToBe View Post

 It's one of life's only real surprises, you know? 


Couldn't agree more.  I'm definitely curious, but I love the idea of being truly surprised.  It's part of the joy for me.  

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We're probably doing the 20 week scan but I'd really rather not find out and be surprised. Last time I told DH that I wanted the surprise to help motivate me during labour. Also, I wanted DH to announce the sex instead of the midwives, which I though was neat. Of course with DD the tech couldn't tell during the ultrasound so I got my way but I know DH will want to know again.


It really doesn't matter to me, we didn't want pink/blue stuff with DD so I wouldn't want to tell anyone even if we did find out. And we insisted on lots of gender neutral clothing when she was tiny especially so it's not like we'll need much, especially since #2 is due right around DD's birthday. Plus I know as soon as the baby arrives the grandmas will go shopping anyway. LOL Now if only DH and I could agree...

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My doctors plan only two ultrasounds. The first one I'm getting tomorrow at 10 weeks, the second will be at 20 weeks. The only reason they would do more is when I go past 40 weeks gestational age. I can't imagine not wanting to know my baby's gender. I can hardly wait so I can start picking out a name already.

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I want to know...but don't want an ultrasound. I'm curious about this blood test so I will talk to the midwife, but will most likely still opt out of anything not truly necessary.
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I want a surprise! We found out with DD at 20week scan, but I think I want to wait this time. At first I thought I should find out so in case it was a boy I'd have time to adjust (I kind of REALLY wanted a second little girl), but now I'm getting excited at the idea that maybe its a boy! So: surprise smile.gif
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I don't want to know...but, I didn't want to know last time either and add the 20 week ultrasound approached, my curiosity got the best of me and I totally flipped my opinion.

I'm going that I'll be able to convince DH and that I won't get curious like I did last time. I'd love a surprise!!
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