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May be moving to ABQ, need advice :(

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Nursing on a iPad makes it hard to not make mistakes. That is not a frown, it was supposed to be a smile!

We are currently in DFW. It looks like there is a good chance we are moving to Abuquerque by the end of the year if not much faster than that. I would love to learn more about the area and where to find other crunchy mamas. We are homeschooling this year and it sounds we like we would continue if we move based on what we are being told. My DH would be working at Sandia, so places within a 30-45 minute commute would be great.

We were told there is a shortage of primary care docs. We no longer vax, so info about providers that are open to that would be awesome.
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Congratulations on your possible move. It looks like your post might have been missed, so I wanted to bump it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have recommendations to share?

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Just saw this post. My little one is 21 days old so I haven't coonected with other mamas yet. I gave birth at Dar a Luz birthcenter and they're fairly crunchy. They've got a website, they have a BF support group once a week, and they have a meet up group as well.
ABQ is not that big and traffic is not that bad so unless you are planning to live on the west side or in Rio Rancho anywhere in town will be 20 min or less away from Sandia.
The birthcenter had an informal survey of whose pediatricians were open to non vax or alternative vax schedules and based on that I ended up finding a doc at After Hours Pediatrics who's open to an alernative schedule. Not sure about non vax docs, they may be a bit harder to track down.
Hope this helps, I'd be happy to give you more info. I've lived here for over 13 years now but don't know much about the mommy scene.
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I would live more info! I think we may be moving in Dec and we typically live in hotels for a bit so love a chance to get out. I'll contact the birth center to see what they have going on and I would love to help with breast feeding support (trying to patiently wait to see if in Nov I will have IBCLC behind my name).
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Dakipode, would you mind sharing the name of your ped with me, either here or in a PM? We just moved here from abroad, my children are under-vaccinated due to different protocols, and one has had negative reactions to being vax'ed in the past, so I'd like to take them to someone who won't rip my head off or poo-poo my concerns. Thanks very much!

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I would be interested as well.....

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I chose Dr. Elizabeth Griffin at After Hours Pediatrics on Paseo (they call it the Holly location). I've heard great things about After Hours in general. They do free get to know you visits for expecting parents so I would think they would do them for new patients as well.

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Climbergirl - did you end up moving to ABQ?

My husband is interviewing at Sandia later this month so I'm trying to learn more about Albuquerque (pediatricians, schools (Montessori if possible), places to go, places to live, things to do with kids -- mine are 3.5 and 1.5--,etc)

dakipode - thanks for the Dr. info

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Yes we did.  We relo'd with Sandia this past December.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I can PM you my contact info so we can talk.  I have moved with DH's company 3 times in the past 6 years so I kinda have this down :)

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