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Son is scared of rinsing off after bath, how to help him?

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I've tried to do some research on it, but it's all geared towards kids who are scared of baths, but my son (who is 18 m/o) loves baths. He squeals when he hears the water going and watches the tub fill up, he'll climb in and play with his toys and he'll even help me wash him. But as soon as I try to rinse out his hair, he has a complete melt down. I've worked hard to keep water out of his face as much as possible but a few weeks ago he jerked away from me and got a cupful of water to the face. How can I help him get over this so I can rinse him off again?

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My two year old is the same way. We finally started having hair was day in the shower. He seems to like the shower and I can get him to move his head back so we can rinse out the conditioner and such. I imagine this will not work for your little one. How about a cup and a cool song every time the cup dips in the tub water . Like, " I' a little blue cup and I love water, I scoop it up and splash(rinse) all the time" and sing it a few times to get all the shampoo out. That was my free style....lol but I hope you get what I mean.
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Aw, my little guy has the same issue. He goes nuts when I wash his hair! I only actually wash it once or twice a week, though he gets a bath (just water, no soap) almost every night. Giving him a dry wash cloth to hold over his eyes sometimes helps. Good luck smile.gif
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No advice just sympathy. My 2.5 yr old cries if we use soap and especially if we wash his hair. Just being in the tub with water, he does fine, but the second the soap comes out... i have tried telling him to look up which a friend of mine said she told her son nightly and he finally understood after like a year! Omg. My son looks up briefly then as I pour, he looks down and it all goes right in his face. I just try to go fast, but yeah, it's hard! Jennyanydots, maybe I'll just do water only some nights, like you do. I don't know why that didn't occur to me.
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What worked for DD is bringing her in the shower with me when I needed to wash her hair (probably every 4 days or so?). We would make a game of me holding her and putting my hair under the water spray, then her doing it, with me tickling her and giggling like mad to make it seem like fun and doing a little countdown and such. She would help me rinse my hair too with her hands while I was under the spray. We'd look at flowers on the tile in the shower, count things, just basically make a game of it. It was a bit of a pain but she got over it eventually and now I can rinse her hair in the tub too. One of the things she likes now is to lie down and put her head on the bottom of the tub (I make sure not to put too much water in so she can do that). But she wouldn't do that when she was refusing to rinse her hair though.


When I was showering she would play on the floor of the tub with my shampoos and stuff but you could certainly do it as a shower just for your DS if the spray from you showering bothers him too. DD didn't mind when she got sprayed occasionally though it was a pain for me to try and shower without moving too much.


I sympathize though, it was so annoying to have DD in the tub with shampoo all over her hair and not being able to rinse it out without a meltdown.

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So understand!  My 18 month old is just like that!

For my older daughter, doing the lying down in the tub thing worked really well, so I think we may try something similar - or leaning back on mom's arm?  She used to do fine in the baby tub that had an incline...

But we do the dry washcloth over the eyes and also try to tell her to look up - like "Hey, what's that up there, is it a bird?"

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It's a phase, it'll pass.  My 22mo did that around 18 mos, lasted a month or so, to the point where she loved being in the tub, but refused to sit and screamed if I did her hair.  Was at my parents and decided to give her a bath before heading home bc it was getting late, got her to sit in their tub, and shortly after she was fine with hair washing again.  During that time, I just didn't wash the top part of her hair (maybe with a wash cloth if it was full of food), only the bottom stuff, and slowly worked up, now we're back to me asking her to tip her head, she counts how many times I pour water on her and all is well.  She also hated showers at that time, but now is fine hoping in with me on busy mornings if she missed bath time the night before.

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