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Writing takes SO long! How long "should" copywork take?

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My son is 7.5 in 2nd grade. It takes SO long for him to write any copy work sentences. I write down the sentences that he wants to write in his history or science notebook. Then he copies it into his notebook. Today it took 12 minutes to write 2 sentences. The 2 sentences totaled 12 words. As he wrote one word, he would take time to cross off the word on the paper I had it written down on. 


It just seems like it takes him SO long to write. That's like a minute per word. I'm not sure if this is normal or an issue to look into at some angle.


Any suggestions?

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Only patience and more practice. I've got a slow writer, too. Today is spelling words 3X each. It'll take a long time for him. 

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Walk away and stop timing him.  Give him space.  Do some chores to distract yourself.  He's writing, presumably without complaint (?)  Take that as a huge success.  

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I don't sit there and time him. :) I happened to feel how LONG it took one day and then the other day I went in the shower while he did the copywork (I say copywork but really it is sentences he made that I write down and then he copies in his notebook).  So the other day he did his writing while I was in the shower and I asked him to come tell me when he is done. So that's how I timed him....he has no idea I am timing him. And I do walk away while he is doing it otherwise he will complain even more. He DOES indeed complain. A lot!  


I remember being in 2nd grade and being assigned to write a paragraph at the beginning of the school year about what we did over the summer. Not that I expect that from him write now, but it is tough to get a sentence from him, let alone a paragraph. It all just takes SO long.

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Based on anecdotal evidence from friends, etc., boys are notorious for poor/delayed handwriting skills. With that said, could he have some fine motor issues? My son has fine motor delays due to his autism and writing is very hard for him. 

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I'm not sure. He has been writing forever. He started writing on his own when he was 3. Could write his whole name (Jeremiah) on his own without looking since he was 3.5. And always wrote legibly even that young. He doesn't form all of his letter correctly, like he starts some of them at the bottom instead of at the top. But other than that I don't notice any fine motor issues. He's always loved art and has always been pretty good at it for a boy his age. So....??  

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So I'm thinking it might be possible that the writing is taking so long (and is more sloppy) in his history notebook because there is no middle dash line. When he writes in his journal it is much neater. And possibly much faster. I will just draw in dash lines into his history notebook.

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My 7.5 year old girl easily takes that long to do copywork, or longer, unless it is something that she is writing to use in a game.  Then it goes pretty fast.  I think copywork is just not such a fun thing to do!  It's hard to make yourself do something like that when you're seven.  I try to limit it to one or two sentences per session so she doesn't feel overwhelmed.

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Gee that's a hard one. I agree with an eearlier answer to walk away so that he doesn't feel pressured. What about a making a writing game once a day where you reward with a hand stamp or use a star chart or similar for every time he writes a sentence within a certain time? Not the homework sentences - different shorter sentences, just for the reward of speed writing?

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Since he comes up with the sentences himself, would it be possible for him to write them down without you writing them first? Or maybe ask him first if there are any words he thinks he may need help with spelling, and only write those down for him?

My son (8.5 years old, doing 4th grade work) has always been a pretty fast writer, too fast at this point, even in cursive, so it gets sloppy, but the few times I have had him copy something, whether from a piece of paper or from the little blackboard we have, it has taken him forever. I'm thinking that's because he constantly has to adjust his eyes to look from his paper to either the paper I wrote on or the blackboard. I tend to not have him do much copy work. Now, he does have a neat cursive practice work book, where all he does is copy work (although I only have him do that maybe 2 or 3 times a month at this point, at the most), but it's right there on the same page, so that helps I think. 

I would try to see if your son writes faster when he either writes the sentences as he comes up with them, or you write down what he comes up with and then read it back to him, so he doesn't have to look back and forth. Honestly, that's something that was always really hard for me at school as a kid, copying from the blackboard, and I'm pretty sure it's because my eyes really do need a moment to adjust from looking far to looking close. And later the main goal will be learning to take notes independently, not copying from a board!


On the flip side, having a kid who writes super fast and way sloppier than he's capable of, carries its own challenges...



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