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Can't stop pooping!

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I know the title sounds funny but I'm actually concerned! I have been pooping all morning long. Not diareah, just poop. A lot. And I also feel super anxious and weird. My baby has been kicking A LOT since yesterday.

Should I be concerned? I am almost 36 weeks. Could this be a sign of early labor? What the heck is going on here???

PS- I'm not opposed to you LOLing about this or making a joke. It will help me to laugh a little!
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Could be......I emptied my bowels in the afternoon and birthed in the evening. Don't take my post too seriously though, chances are at 36 weeks you are not going into labor. The great part is you feel well and baby is active! If it is a minor GI tract infection, your body seems to be dealing with it very well. Best wishes.
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Thank you, Asiago. I just went AGAIN. This is crazy. I have a weird feeling its because of all the baby's movement but I don't know. I want him to hang in there for at least a couple weeks!!
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TMI warning!

I am not pooping constantly, but my pooping has definitely changed since hitting 36 weeks. It's not diarrhea, but it's not solid either - somewhere in between. And nearly every time I sit down to pee at least a small amount of this poop mud, as I've been calling it, comes out. Sometimes it's LOTS and sometimes it's just a tiny bit. I talked to my midwife about it and she said that as long as it isn't like a very watery diarrhea and there is no blood, then it is likely just caused by the growing baby putting increased pressure on my intestines and colon, along with the shifting position of everything. There just isn't enough room left in our bodies for poop! (Or anything else, it seems!)

I don't know if this sounds like your situation, but this has been going on for me for about 8 or 9 days now and no baby or labor yet. Good luck!
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Sphinxy that does sound like me! Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable and a little crampy like "oh man I gotta poop NOW". I remember having a "poopmergency" last pregnancy and being in a restaurant bathroom for like 30 minutes. But I don't remember having a day where I pooped all.day.long. I guess every pregnancy is different. I don't especially love the anxious feeling I'm having, though.
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Yup, I get the cramping, too. Sometimes it's gas and sometimes it's just urgency to go. We are getting so close! Bodies are ramping up. I am finding that a hands and knees position or leaning forward while standing to let my belly hang a little helps take some pressure off my organs and alleviates some of the cramping. Sorry you are getting anxiety. I am getting teary. These hormones are nuts!
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