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Son Started PS, We HATE IT.

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Ugh, so after ALWAYS (since I was 10 years old) wanting to homeschool my children, I sent my son to PS :( He's in Kindy, but should be in 1st. Anyways, there are so many barriers for me to get him there, it's unreal. The school is great, but it's in another town, and is a 1 hour each way city bus ride for me, if we miss the school bus. On these days, he generally stays home. So, school hasn't even been in for a month and he has missed so many days. Last week, he only went 2 days (all should be excused but I think 1 won't be). Anyways, I'm going to start homeschooling Sept 30. I'll follow all of the rules and whatnot, but want to know if anyone else has any suggestions :) TIA



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Well, first you need to decide what style of homeschooling appeals to you (with the expectation that this may change as you go along), then you can know where to start. You can buy curricula, you can have a basic routine/schedule at home for doing certain things, whether they are child-led or not, etc. What do you envision for yourself and your son?

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For kindy/first grade I suggest that you realize that less is more.  Share books, explore, create, build with legos, etc.  I have a second grader and her "school" can be finished in an hour.  That includes a math lesson, some explode the code, she reads to me, she does a couple mazes, and we're done.  At the same time, she is learning for much longer than that hour.  We do science almost daily although she might not think of that as school.  Instead, we investigate our world.  We read books together.  We do lots of experiments.  She explores outside alone or with sisters.  So, I could count that in our "school" time.  But I don't because it is more like deliberate play, or whatever.  Also, we have named Fridays to be "Fun Fridays."  This frequently mean we bake.  She loves to bake.  We are doing world cultures this year so we will often bake/cook something from another country.  While this happens we will talk about the other country, find it on the map, etc. but to her, it is just "Fun Friday".  


Have fun!



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The book I recommend for your son, that I've used with my now third grade daughter and first grade son, is "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons":


If you do that you'll also need a book for him to practice writing letters on; I found one for a dollar at the dollar store.


It might not feel right at first if you compare the short time it takes to homeschool with the hours it takes to go to school, but as long as you're teaching him the basics, you probably don't need to worry - math, reading, and maybe science.

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Are there any homeschool co-ops in your area? Yahoo listservs?
Do you know any homeschoolers/unschoolers in your town?
I'd start there.
Find out the regulations for your area, talk to folks who are doing it, and start checking out the various styles and ways of learning outside of school.
Good luck!
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You might find this helpful, even if you're not Christian.


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I can't believe I even enrolled him. I knew for 20 years I would homeschool. I have curricula. I have a variety. We are using Easy Peasy. So far it's going great. He does the beginning reading. He likes that because he is more advanced than the first lessons of Teach your child to read in 100 lessons. We checked it out from the library a while back. We didn't really like it. We have Phonics Pathways, another one that we didn't like. I think there are other phonics resources in my home, and so far EP is the best for him. The math for year 1 is below him, but that's fine, we are starting out easy and he loves it :)


I know I said Sept 30, but we started this past Friday. Now, on Monday, I withdraw him officially and mail the letter of intent. I intended to today but never got around to it. Other things happened. But Monday is THE day lol. I'm excited, he's excited. He's happy not to have to wake up so early. I get to sleep a little later. And with EP, I can just have it on  his computer ready for him, or not, however he sees fit in the am.


I'm happy at this point. And, yes, I am involved with the local co-ops. I was last year, and still cannot figure out why I went through with enrolling him and everything. Should have kept him home from Day 1, but now he knows what school is, and probably won't ask to go back.

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You're more prepared to homeschool than I ever was. Good for you. :)

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:joyWoohoo!  It sounds like you have made a great choice for your family!  Hindsight is 20/20, but I will tell you that it is nice for them to "know" what they are missing.  It encourages cooperation if they don't want to be in public school.  At least, it seems to.



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