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I think with children the "less is more" principle regarding toys will never steer you wrong. She will tell you when she is developmentally ready for toys as wrenmoon said. Simple, natural toys are awesome, like a wooden teething ring and I would add the importance of spending some time in nature if you can swing that. Lay a blanket under a tree and baby will stare at the wind fluttering through the leaves or i bring my baby out to watch me garden. If she doesnt need anything she is content as can be on her own for a bit (usually she doesnt like being put down).
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Jaya is definitely starting to get interested in toys but I only keep like 3 out for her. There is the mobile above the pack n play, the elephant on her carseat, and her lay down gym thing that keeps her occupied while I poop lol.

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My best friend made Griffin this book of felt shapes brightly colored on a white background: heart, star, simple face, etc. he smiles and smiles at them. And he loves mirrors. I've offered him a rattle and he isn't into it yet. But LOVES the mobile and anything mobile like. Other toys are just meh. I think that will come around 3 months or so.
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Camden has a giraffe that's about 3" in size it came with a pack n player boughtforoneofour older kids (5 or 3 year old) and I put a ring through the lop on it and we hang it on his car seat, swing or whatever. He LOVES looking at it. He coos and smiles at it until he's tired then drifts off. He also has a tag blanket and loves it.
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