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When your child is too quiet - what's the biggest mess you've found?

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My kids are pretty good but when I can't hear them, I worry. I've found some messes, including a completely unrolled roll of wax paper, a whole roll of toilet paper in a toilet. I caught her before she completely unrolled a roll of aluminum foil. Unrolling stuff was a theme with one of mine.

What have you discovered when you've gone to find out why they're so quiet?
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DS got the screen door to the porch halfway off its hinges when he was one and a half. 

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Just a few weeks ago, DS (1) pulled a mostly-full package of tortillas off the table and shredded it to bits. Not bad for such a small fry! And that was after he pulled a paper towel roll off the desk, unrolled several squares, and shredded them only about 15 minutes earlier. (And I was catnapping on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO HIM during this! It all happened literally within 6 feet of my head!)

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My now-3yo put DHs hair fudge all over the cat when she was about 20mo. I can't remember what I was doing but she wasn't out of sight for very long.
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We are priming and repainting the house right now.  My 5 year old managed to sneak upstairs and by the time I noticed, he had managed to prime half the floor in one room, and leave footprints across the rest of the upstairs floor. 

I should have known better than to go to the bathroom.

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The dish soap slip n' slide on the hardwood floor and the 10lb bag of flour that they used to turn their room into a snow globe come to mind.

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When my oldest two first came to live with us, they got up early one morning and decided to make pancakes all on their own. They were 2 and 3, and the entire kitchen (and both of them) were completely covered in wet pancake mix! Luckily they did not know how to turn on the stove!
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My sons, about 3 and 5 at the time, broke the blinds in their room in our rented house and eventually took it off the window. It is now in pieces in their closet until either we move out or we face the landlord and ask him what he wants us to do about it. (He was already hesitant to rent to a family with children last year, so thankfully he's been very good to us.)

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Mine is a singleton and pretty mellow, so nothing really bad. Once when he was 3, he found a box of my tampons and popped them all out of their wrappers and applicators. It was hard to keep a straight face. 


When he was around 4, he used to also go into the bathroom and putter around in there. When I'd ask, "What are you doing?" he'd say, "I'm not making a potion, that's for sure." 

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Thank you for making me laugh, captain optimism!

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Hair cuts... "She couldn't hear with all that hair over her ears."

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Haircut, here, too. When my DDs were about 4 & 2, I took a break from making thanksgiving dinner and walked in to a suspiciously quiet room in time to see DD1 frantically stuffing play scissors and handfuls of hair under a pillow... then I looked at DD2. She looked like a child who'd grown up in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, living with rats. Hair cut all around her head, in some places almost to the scalp. It was dramatic.
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, Both involve me nursing a newborn. Ds1 was halfway in my line of sight...what I could NOT see was the permanent marker he was using to color the cabinet! Thankfully, it came off with a magic eraser!

DD & DS 2 rubbed Eucerin cream all over the bottom of the bunkbed...under the bed!
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Another time, the.kids drew Patrick the Starfish on their bedroom wall in crayon! magic eraser left a permanent star outline that time.
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Dd was maybe a year and a half.  I vaguely noticed she was napping longer than usual, and was enjoying it thoroughly. I finally went to check her out and found she'd grabbed the tube of Desitin and had smeared the white goo all over her face, her shirt, her cuddle pillow and the headboard. I laughed so hard. And managed to get a picture.

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A whole canister of dry oatmeal on the living room carpet. 

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A whole box of cherry tomatoes squished and spread around the kitchen while I took a catnap. Another time, sewing pins, fabric, and my notions scattered all over the back bedroom.

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When I was pregnant with DS, both the dds unwrapped a few rolls of toilet paper all over the floor..... not so bad, except they made confetti out of it.  I had been resting on the bed, right next to them.  I should have known they were up to no good.

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Not really a mess, but a heart attack for me.  I left my 3yo DS to watch TV for a few minutes while I put his baby brother down for a nap.  Within a few minutes, I heard stomping outside the second story bedroom window and a little head bobbing by.  Then he said through the window "Look mommy, I climbed the scaffolding all by myself"  AHHHHH!  That was great incentive for DH to finish that side of the house super fast.

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dumped out corn chips stomped to bits on the living room floor was the Best mess, the peanut butter spread all over his legs after giving him a sandwich in his rear-facing car seat while I nursed the baby before going to the Indoor playground- which totally Looked like poop, is the runner up, but the Totally worst one was actual poop! Diaper removed, s#%*t spread all over the living room columns and leather couch!


I lost my cool, called off our plans (the ones I was busy getting ready for when he made the mess) and made him sit in timeout the whole time I cleaned it up. The next morning he went over to the scene of the crime and said, "What happened to this messy picture?" all innocent and sincere, and I couldn't help but laugh!

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