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The October that my youngest was 3, I had green nail polish in the bathroom, for a witch costume.  He was quiet.  We found him, having painted stripes of green nail polish - about his eye-level - all around the bathroom walls and door.  Also, stripes of traditional berry-red polish...which made it festive for Christmas, by which time we still had not repainted.

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lol - i have one regarding actual poop as well!  My DD1 was always quiet in her crib after waking up - she would lay in there and talk to her stuffed animals for close to an hour sometimes (shes now in college - this back in the good old days of comfort items in cribs!)  one morning i walked in to find she had used the contents of her diaper to paint her crib!  - ugh, up and down all the bars - smeared across many stuffed animals - who met their untimely demise that day!    She was about 18 months old.  - i didnt use a crib with subsequent children....

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When my DD was about 18 months she unraveled a yarn skein and tangled herself in it while I was on the phone, she was so happy and cute that I supervised as she continued. When she was five she and her friend uses my makeup to look beautiful, it was a big mess and they were beautiful clowns.

As a side note, goo be gone takes crayon off surfaces with almost no scrubbing.
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Many years ago our first house was on the market. So, we had to have the house spotless and ready for showing at any time. Our two older girls were 4 and 2 years old. We had an other couple over who also had a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. The kids were playing upstairs, our girls had just gotten bunkbeds and the kids were enjoying climbing around.


They were fairly quiet and my dh and I were enjoying socializing with an other couple our age. I went upstairs to check on the kids and..... it was snowing! Someone had taken an entire container of cornstarch baby powder and it was sifting down, covering every surface in the room. I just stood there for a minute not believing what I was seeing. Then the phone rang and my husband said the realtor had called and was going to show the house in 15 minutes! I started to cry.


My 4 year old and her 4 year old accomplice told me, "The babies did it."  The babies were sitting on the floor and the two 4 year olds were on the top bunk of the bed, and the container of cornstarch baby powder was lying on the floor right under the top bunk, however. At that point I just needed to get it cleaned up. The other mom came up and we vacuumed and cleaned and dusted while the men kept the children busy. We got it powder free enough for the realtor to show the house. There was still baby powder in every crevice of our upstairs and it's most likely still there.


A few days later, I found my 4 year old sitting in a corner crying. I asked her what was wrong.

She said, " 'Member when Richard and I said the babies threw all that baby powder all over our room?"

"Yes, I do. It was quite a mess, wasn't it?"

"Yeah.....the babies didn't do it....(sob) Richard and I did!" she then broke down in tears and I held her and told her I was very glad she had been honest with me. I was 99% sure that the babies weren't to blame in the first place, but I was glad she finally came clean. :Hug

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One of my aunts had her first 4 children in a little over 3 years. She had been changing a diaper (they were all in diapers at one time at one point) and came in the living room to answer the door. Her oldest had gotten into a huge box of those gigantic sanitary napkins (y'know those napkins they used to give women after childbirth, the big cardboard box with the nurse on the front? My aunt was always post partum and evidently bought these napkins in bulk!) Her oldest son had taken the napkins like they were blocks and had built  roads and buildings and made a whole "Rag City" in the living room, and a delivery man walked in the door just as she saw the bizarre art project.

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I had a pile of clean laundry on the living room floor waiting to fold. I found the laundry out the window in the freshly mowed grass and piles of fresh mowed grass covered my entire living room. Oh, and the window screen had already been broken earlier.
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Not really a mess, but a heart attack for me.  I left my 3yo DS to watch TV for a few minutes while I put his baby brother down for a nap.  Within a few minutes, I heard stomping outside the second story bedroom window and a little head bobbing by.  Then he said through the window "Look mommy, I climbed the scaffolding all by myself"  AHHHHH!  That was great incentive for DH to finish that side of the house super fast.

Wow! I would have had a heart attack too! ACK!!
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i have a few but i'll only tell the ones that were memorable to me


- 18 months old. climbed the bathtub and got the whole giant jar of eucerin all over teh tub and on most of her body except the back. gosh she was so cute i only smiled. thick layer on the bathtub, inch thick on her. took me HOURS to clean up but dd had the softest skin ever for while. also same age. we had guests for dinner and were entertaining them. dd toddled over to the bathroom. suddenly i reaslised she'd been gone for awhile. guest went over to the bathroom and i went to teh bedroom. suddenly i heard laughter from the bathroom. dd had take out my whole new packet of heavy pads and pasted them all over. 


2 years old. in a tupperwear she'd poured shampoo, liquid soap, my liquid make up, toothpaste and was making a 'soup'.


3 years old. HAIRCUT. poked my head and had a heart attack. on the potty with its lid down were the kitchen scissors and a bunch of hair. dd had cut bangs. she did such a perfect job that i couldnt help but stand in awe. mommy i really really really wanted to cut hair but you wouldnt let me cut your hair for you. she started giving me a trim from about 8 and she did a good job keeping it straight. 

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Originally Posted by meemee View Post

3 years old. HAIRCUT. poked my head and had a heart attack. on the potty with its lid down were the kitchen scissors and a bunch of hair. dd had cut bangs. she did such a perfect job that i couldnt help but stand in awe. mommy i really really really wanted to cut hair but you wouldnt let me cut your hair for you. she started giving me a trim from about 8 and she did a good job keeping it straight. 

How cool!

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DD was all up in my make up bag!!! was up to no good!
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Here's what I did: 


I was visiting my friend, we were like three years old, and her mom told us to draw, and gave us a couple of these bottles with the paint that one normally uses to paint the walls with. 


We though, mmmh. Painting is a bit boring, sliding would be fun, though, so we got out of our cloth (no getting dirty rule!) and emptied all of the bottles on the (kitchen)floor. About 5 - 6 bottles, I think. And then we were sliding. And I still remember the fun :) 


Her mom was very permissive, so she did not actually kill us when she found us and her kitchen covered in mud-coloured paint from the floor to the walls to the kitchen counters. I even have a picture of it :) 


I still wonder how on earth she managed to clean it ...

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My two older daughters are 13 and 11 years older than their baby sister. When baby sister was a toddler, and they were teens, they thought it was funny to "put make up on the baby." As long as they washed her off afterward, I didn't care, but warned them to keep their make up out of little hands' way.


One day I was folding laundry and baby exited the room, was very quiet and gone too long. I found her in her sister's room, she had gouged massive amounts of blush, eye shadow etc out of the containers and rubbed it all over her face. The make up was fairly ruined.


My older girls never played "put make up on the baby" ever again.


Natural consequences. :rotflmao

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when my oldest was about two and a half i found him in the bathroom stripped naked, surrounded by a nest of pastel wrappers from a box of HUGE heavy flow/overnight pads, the kind you use after a birth. he had them all stuck to his little naked body and he looked up at me with the most serious expression on his face and said in a dramatic whisper mama, i have so many bad ouchies. i might just bleed to death. when i stopped laughing a took about a thousand pictures.

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Shredded a head of lettuce into tiny, tiny pieces. It's so hard to pick up wet little pieces of lettuce especially when they have started to dry on the hard floor.


A tub of Vaseline, all over the baby, and the carpet around her.


A roll of TP thrown into the bathtub that had not yet been drained of water. Totally dissolved. Had to fish out chunks with the strainer.


Shredded a styrofoam chunk that has come out of a package. I had tiny tiny little balls of styrofoam all over everything in the house, stuck on there by static, for months.


An entire box of 100 count pantyliners stuck onto the walls and doors.

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I keep reading these, laughing and trying to pick my brains for other good messes my kids have made.  Then it occurred to me:  the two biggest messes in my life as a mother, I've made myself.  "Hey, Mom's too quiet.  We'd better check what she's gotten into..."


1- While painting an accent color in my oldest sons' bedroom, some 15 years ago, it seemed silly to pour out such a little bit of paint into a pan, so I was just dipping my brush in the gallon can.  I was afraid to put the can on the paint-tray shelf of my ladder, in case it fell.  So I left it on the floor and was dipping, stepping up the ladder to paint, then stepping back down to dip again.  Except I lost my balance on the dismount and knocked over the 3/4-full gallon of brightly-colored paint on the brand-new carpet.  Of my newly-renovated, rented house.  


You'd be surprised how well it came out, with wet towels, a scrub brush, carpet shampoo and a wet-vac.  Only a small, dull spot remained - in the end, not enough to consume my entire damage deposit!


2- We're a blended family and our older 3 always spend spring break traveling to fun places with their other parents.  Our poor 5-year-old has married parents and thus a boring life.  So, last spring break he and I accompanied my husband on a business trip, for fun.  Before we left, I had found something called "Squishy Baff" on clearance at Aldi and bought it, to keep my son entertained in the hotel room, at night.  If a product marketed to British kids winds up in the clearance bin at the deepest-discount food chain in the US, DON'T BUY IT.


The packaging shows kids in a tub FULL of colorful goo and promises easy clean-up, using table salt to convert the goo back into water.  So I brought some salt.  Sitting there in the bathroom, with my son in the tub, having promised him a "squishy baff", I read the directions more closely and realized it's really only meant to be used in about a gallon of water - which is no fun, in a bathtub.  So I poured in the entire contents of the Squishy Baff package and filled up the tub with several inches of water (i.e., many gallons).  After all, I had a lot of salt.


As best I can tell, the salt does not work.  I could not let all that goo go down the hotel drain - it felt Wrong, plus I feared they'd realize we were the ones who ruined their plumbing, and they had our credit card #.  I stretched an old T-shirt over the toilet, under the seat, and scooped the tub contents into it, using the shirt as a sieve to catch the goo.  It was horrible and took FOREVER!  We wound up with 2 trash cans full of pink goo.

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The haircut stories are hysterical!


DS doesn't seem to have the "naughty" gene (yet) and the only thing I remember is when he was around a year old, I found him sitting on the bathroom floor chugging a container of Comet.  I turned my back for literally seconds and he got the door open, found the Comet and went to town.  He was covered in Comet, as was the bathroom floor.


I was almost hysterical when I called Poison Control.  Turns out, Comet isn't all that harmful.  They were more concerned about it getting into his lungs than any he may ingested.

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My kids made pizza dough on the living room rug with a 5 pound bag of flour and a litre of olive oil.


And yep, that rug went into the dumpster. 

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Originally Posted by Catholic Mama View Post

My sons, about 3 and 5 at the time, broke the blinds in their room in our rented house and eventually took it off the window. It is now in pieces in their closet until either we move out or we face the landlord and ask him what he wants us to do about it. (He was already hesitant to rent to a family with children last year, so thankfully he's been very good to us.)

This just makes my blood boil. Discrimination, pure and simple. I really love when landlords (I even hate calling them that) feel they are bestowing a fantastic gift upon you for letting you pay their mortgage. Sorry, I digress.


The mess that my son makes is with modeling clay in his bedroom. He loves it, but typically it ends up EVERYWHERE, including in the cracks of the hardwood floor. Then we go in, pick up all 8,000 little toys like blocks, modeling clay tools, trains and tracks, et cetera, and then we do a combination of sweeping, scraping, and vacuuming to get it all up. Then, inevitably, with his big sweet doe-y eyes he cons me into buying more and the process repeats.

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My older son was 3 when I thought it was safe to take a quick, 10-15 minute shower.  Nope!  All liquid contents in the fridge- a gallon of milk, two full bottles of juice, a half gallon of iced tea, a half gallon of pink lemonade, several juice boxes- ended up all over the playroom floor, with the wall-to-wall carpeting.  When I asked him why he did that, what was he thinking, he told me, "I wanted to make it rain on my cars."  Okay, he got me there.  I cleaned the best I could, even got a rug cleaner, but oh, the ants, the ants!


Fast forward three years, probably the next time I trusted my older son to keep himself occupied while I was in the shower.  I came out to find that he'd gotten ahold of a screwdriver and unscrewed every electrical and light socket plug in the living room and both bedrooms.  I almost had a heart attack!


My little one.  He's 2 1/2 and so active it's not funny.  I was in the bathroom doing my thing about 2-3 months ago and I couldn't have been in there more than 3 minutes.  Did I mention he's obsessed with footballs?  Did you know that eggs look like tiny white footballs?  And when you throw them and yell, "Go long!", odds are they're gonna end up in a puddlely mess on the living room rug?  All 12 of them?  Yup.  I knew it was bad when I opened the bathroom door in time to hear, "Uh, oh, broken footballs."  It was hard to be mad at him, though, when I came around the corner and found him trying soooooooooo hard to put the eggs back together, telling himself, "Like a puzzle... like a puzzle..."  :rotflmao

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thanks for the laughs ladies. I few months ago, when I was in the first trimester and having to nap every afternoon, my son who had just turned for got himself a snack while I slept. marmite. we buy it in big jars bc he and my husband love it. he eat some of this thick black paste with his fingers and then realized he had it every where, so he wiped him self off... on the table, on the chairs, on his clothes, hair, floor. little smelly bitten black smudges all over the kitchen. he woke me with sweet wispers of ,'mommy, get up and maje the kitty lick it off.'

the worst part was the smell. my morning sickness meant the smell made me want to puke the entire time I was cleaning up.
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