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What are your plans for sleeping arrangements?

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We got a king sized bed when pregnant with DD and all slept together in it until we moved her to a toddler bed next to us at about 18 mos where she sleeps now (she's 27 months). She still crawls in in the morning and sometimes needs some comfort at night but mostly sleeps through. I'm worried about a few things, mostly the new baby waking up DD during the night and DD waking up the baby (and me!) if we are sleeping when she wakes up. I'm also worried about DD not being careful when crawling over all of us in the morning. Also DD always wants ME in the night and first thing in the morning to nurse - not sure I want to be her go-to if I've just spent the night with an awake baby!


Would love to hear from anyone with experience with the family bed, or just to hear what your plans are around sleeping arrangements?

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I won't be much help here, because we normally just co-sleep at the beginning. My DD is in her own room and has been for awhile but she is always welcome in bed with us if she is having a rough night (which is normally once a week.) I slept on the couch with my DD for I think the first 3 months, then had her in with us for awhile after that. She had colic and reflux (fun fun) and would cry at least 15 hours day/night. So I didn't want her keeping up my DH when he had to get up at 5:45 a.m. for work. I'm not sure what we will do this time though. Hopefully we will be blessed with a quiet baby this time. :eyesroll But I am worried about the bad nights my DD has, and having both in with us. Also worried about when we do move the new baby in a room with her them keeping each other awake. Ahh everything will work out, I'm sure. I'm just worried about keeping an eye on my DD at all times, because she loves babies and I have been trying to teach her to be careful and gentle but she is very clumsy. So yeah this is only my second so I'm not really helpful! Sorry. 

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My 5-year-old is the most stubborn kid alive and has resisted previous attempts to kick him out of our bed.  Right now, though, I'm sleeping in his bed (a nice queen) and he and my husband are in our bed.  


We're planning to move around some rooms soon and create a whole new room with a twin and keep the queen in our 3rd bedroom so maybe we can get him into the twin bed before the baby gets here. 


Maybe it'll work.  If it doesn't, I'll probably keep sleeping with the baby in the queen bed.  Right now I'm perfectly happy out there by myself because it's hot here and that's the coolest room in the house and I'm flopping and readjusting so often that I think I'd be waking everyone else up anyway. 


I don't feel comfortable iwth all 4 of us in one bed, so if we can't get Ike out of our king size bed, then baby and I will take our show on the road. 


I do have a bassinet, but harbor no illusions I'll have a kid who actually agrees to sleep alone.  :P 

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