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New wrapper--Choosing my first woven?

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OK, I've been wrapping with a loaner Didymos for about a week and I'm really liking it. I love all of the different wrap tutorials you can find on youtube, and how the fit is totally customizable. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of fabric when I wore the Moby, but for some reason the woven wraps don't feel that way to me. We haven't gotten out of the house a ton in the wrap, because at this point Amelia is still nursing frequently and I don't feel confident unwrapping to nurse and then having to re-wrap on the go, so I've been sticking to my Mei Tai for outtings. But I've gotten the wrapping bug and really want to buy one. So I have a few Qs for the wrapping mamas here:


I'm 5'2" and a size xs/s shirt, but I have a big 16lb 3mo old squish. The Didy I have on loan is about 157 inches long, or just under 4 meters? I'm not sure exactly what "size" wrap that is. The woman who loaned it to me said that the smaller/younger your baby is the longer the wrap you want, and I think that for now this length is alright because I'm learning and my passes are still a bit sloppy and loose, relatively. But I think that once I get the hang of it more I might want a little less fabric.


Anyhow, I've got my eye on a few different wraps. I really like the look of girasols, (especially LaChicaBonita) but I've heard that Gira isn't a great choice for a bigger/heavier baby. I've also been looking at a Storch Inka, which I've heard is a total workhorse wrap, but which definitely needs a good deal of breaking in when bought new. The one I'm looking at is secondhand and nicely broken in. I can get the storch for $100, but the giras are all $15-40 more than that.


Any experienced mamas have any advice for me on size and brand of wrap?

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Girasols are pretty, but they are (apart from the very old ones that were made differently) very saggy- comparatively.  They are worlds more supportive than a Moby, but can't hold a candle to some of the other wrap manufacturers out there.  I love Didymos.  I have used others, but there is something about the magical Didymos indio weave that makes me fall in love all over again whenever I reach for them. 

Natibaby has some good options as well, and there is a store- Marsupial Mamas that will often have great sales on them.  She also carries Didy and a couple other options. 

As for length- you are using a long 4/short 5.   Check out tutorials by Babywearing Faith on youtube- she is also very small and will always say which size wrap she is using in any given carry.  You might want to order a 5, so you have the extra length as that would be your likely base size- if you are quite petite.  Baby will grow though, and a toddler tends to use a lot of wrap in multipass carries.  Extra length can always be tied around your waist an extra time. 
You can pretie some carries before you leave the house- I like a front cross carry for this, then you don't have to worry about putting the carrier on and off while out and about.  As baby gets bigger, you may want a shorty as well for a simple rick, or even now for a rebozo or kangaroo carry.  However, for versatility, it is always nice to have one long wrap.  Later, you can invest in a shorter wrap, trade the longer wrap for a shorter one, or even chop to a shorter length. 

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If you're not already a member, I would totally suggest signing up on Thebabywearer.com forums.  There are a ton of experienced wrappers on there as well as countless threads on different wrap weaves/manufacturers/lengths etc that will give you more than enough info to help you choose the right wrap for you, and can also help you start using it properly when you do decide :) It's a fantastic community of babywearers, and they also have a great swap forum for wrap and carrier shopping.

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