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Sleep Sacks & Swaddle Transitions

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Hi There,


I'm a FTM with an 11 week old son. We discovered a month or so ago that when we use the micro-fleece Sleep Sack Swaddle at night he sleeps amazing - almost always at least 5 hours. However, he is really long and starting to outgrow it. It's also hard to swaddle him with receiving blankets anymore for this reason. We only swaddle him at night, it's become part of our night time routine. 


So, I have a couple of questions. When should we start transitioning to having his arms out? The next size up for Sleep Sacks that we have are not micro-fleece, nor do they have the swaddle. So, I feel like that will be a big change. Should I try to budget in a sack like the one we use in the next size up? Or wait and see how he does with arms out? I'd love to hear what others have done.



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This might be crazy, but you might just let out the seams in the bottom. Then, if his arms are also too big, cut down into the armpit. May not work if it's very cold though....
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We swaddled until almost 6 mos., if that helps. I read that babies outgrow the startle reflex by 6 mos., which is what needs to happen to stop putting arms in the swaddle. You could try swaddling with a blanket that you already have, and then putting him ( swaddled) in the larger sleep sack.
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Both good tips. It is not too cold where I live so letting out the bottom is a good idea. We could put socks on him if it was extra chilly. 6 months is a ways away so we'll see how we do between now and then.
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Make sure his hips can pull up into froggy position anytime you swaddle! Babies swaddled with straight legs can have hip problems.
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I'm not sure if you're familiar with Sleep Sacks, but they're designed with this in mind. They are just a big sack with velcro wings to swaddle his arms/torso with. His legs have freedom of movement within the sack.

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