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He is here!!!

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I had my son, John David, completely unassisted at home on the 15th! I'm going to write my birth story soon, but I wanted to update a little! He was 9lb 1oz, born at 37+2 weeks! I labored at work all day and then came home and things went into full gear! It was beautiful and amazing and everything I could have ever wanted! Nothing less than a perfect birth!! I'm so glad I had a UP/UC! Here is a shot of us right after and a picture of him at 4 days old!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your sweet little one. 

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Congratulations!! He's a cutie!
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Congrats, can't wait to read it!

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Plenty of handsome BOYS lately!  So happy for you!

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Thank you! He is so sweet!

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Awesome! I love hearing of wonderful ucs! Just makes me happier and more sure of my decision to uc in December. Congrats! He's perfect!
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So cute!! Congrats!!!

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Birth story is finally posted.
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