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Warts one Knees and Elbows?

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For about two years now, my daughter has had three small, smooth but raised warts on one knee.  In the last week or two, two of them have sort of broken open and dried out, so they are pretty much gone.  I sort of thought because they had gotten so large, she might be coming to the end of the cycle but now I notice she has more bumps on that knee and a few days ago, I noticed them on her other knee...and now both elbows.  Some of them are clustered in large patches.  They've spread so suddenly!


When I first discussed them with her pediatrician, he said to leave them alone and they would run their course.  If we wanted to treat them with something OTC, it wouldn't hurt but there was no need.  As they were not spreading, I wasn't really worried about it and she is very VERY opposed to medical intervention so I didn't push it.   However, she is now embarrassed by them.  We live in the deep south and long sleeves and tights are still a few months off.  She can't wear a million band aids to school every day for the next two years, waiting for these to go away.


I'm going to talk to her pediatrician again and get a referral to a dermatologist but everything I'm reading says that mostly you just have to deal with them till they go away.  Seriously?  It's 2013 and we can't cure warts? 


Any suggestions?

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I had a few warts several years ago that seemed to stay around for quite some time.  Finally, I got diligent about swabbing a bit of Apple cider vinegar (the high quality kind) on them - either with or without a bandaid.  That might be a simple route to try out - it ended up being pretty effective for me (having tried salicylic acid, once having something frozen off, and trying various homeopathic remedies at different times over the years) 

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I can't imagine how it would hurt to try.  Did you just swab it on twice a day?  More often?  I really hate the idea of having them burned or frozen off it won't stop the spreading but she's becoming really self conscious about them.

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I had swabbed them twice a day - morning and evening. I think I had some of the salicycic acid at the time and did that as well for just a few days when starting up with the ACV, not sure that it made a big difference or not to have done that initially. It wasn't instant though, at least a month or two before they were actually gone.

I also remember having read that boosting your immune system helps, and I that was a period when I was regularly taking vitamins (nothing special, just basic multivitamin).
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