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The art of choosing baby names.

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Really cool podcast I listened to last night on KQED: 




Coming up with just the right name for your bundle of joy can pose a challenge. Current favorites among U.S. parents include Jacob, Mason, Sophia and Emma. But is it best to play it safe, or go for something a little more exotic? Recent studies suggest it's a decision not to be taken lightly, with first names having an impact on the size of your paycheck. What factors did you think about when choosing a name? And what do you wish your parents had considered when naming you?

Host: Michael Krasny


  • Jean Twenge, professor in the Department of Psychology at San Diego State University and co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic


  • Pamela Satran, co-author of 10 books on names including Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Cool Names for Babies, and The Baby Name Bible, columnist for Glamour and creator of Nameberry, an online baby name guide
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Bumping this up! :bump: Did anyone else have a chance to listen to the podcast? What did you think? I haven't listened yet but I want to because  I think *a lot* about names and it's fascinating to hear what thoughts go into picking names for others.

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It's a really fascinating podcast. Definitely give it a listen when you have the time. 


Side note: Here's how I listen to my podcasts: iPhone + Jambox. I use an app called Stitcher. It's an online radio app that allows you to subscribe to various radio stations and podcasts. I added the ones I listen to on a regular basis (Radiolab, Forum, This American Life, etc.) to a Favorites list. Then, when I'm cooking, doing various home improvement projects or house cleaning, I fire up the app, look back at recent episodes that sound interesting and listen to them via the Jambox. I love this because I can take the Jambox with me to any room in the house / garden / garage, as I move throughout the house with my chores. :P 

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I'm about to listen, but I always picture the name on a resume. :-)

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The link doesn't work.

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