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Preterm labor

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I'm 27 weeks yesterday and I went into labor last Tuesday. Contractions were 3 minutes apart which dilated me to 2 cm before they could stop it. I'm wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else and if so how long before you give birth? I'm on medication to stop the contractions which worked for a few days but they're back now. I'm hoping to make it to full term but I'm not sure he'll stay in that long.
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Hugs!!! I'm so sorry are going through this. Fingers crossed baby can stay in a bit longer. Hopefully you live in an area with a good NICU, should you need it.
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Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry to read this.  I am sure you'll doing all you can to keep your baby inside a while longer.  Hydration, good calcium/magnesium supplement.  Here's a good herbal supplement-


Take good care!

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Hugs and prayers for baby to hang on there!! I had a client once go into preterm, she dilated to a 4 but they stopped it. She then went on another month!

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I'm so sorry to hear that! I don't know much about it myself. I know that my SIL went into labor early, and they stopped it, and she had the baby a month later. I don't know how far along she was.
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:Hugoh so sorry to hear you're going through that! Hopefully they'll be able to stop it. 

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Oh no! I can't add much. You sure have my thoughts and prayers! Stay in, little one!
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I hope the little one stays in!!  The NICU is no fun!!  :(  Adding vitamin D to your diet I've heard can help. 

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Uh oh! Sending good vibes- stay a while, baby!
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