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Birth game

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Came across this game in my research and thought it was kind of cool. The game does not go into variations of normal, but pretty well simulates a normal birth and has valuable information in a more digestible format than most UC resources.

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Very interesting, and an informative way for moms or support people to learn a little bit about the basics if a mother can't get to the hospital in time. I did disagree with the very first item - when it asks if you should send others away for privacy for the mother or ask them to remain because they "might" be able to help. If they'd listed specific tasks, such as assisting with the son, I would have agreed that it was better to use them. But the wording of the question to me left me thinking, "Should you keep extra people around 'just in case,'" which seems counterintuitive as many women express an interest in laboring privately, and in this case, they were talking about sending them away completely or having them "available" if not right in the midst of things. Good info, but I do see room for improvement.

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Covers the basics to familiarize people with normal birth. Seems geared toward attending a mom who is looking to you for direction, though. Tell her where to go, what to do. At least she stays off her back through it. Anyway it is good for an "emergency" birth where mom was expecting a hospital in her preparations. Only one I got wrong was I encouraged her to push on her own belly after the placenta came, as I preferred by far when I had my babies, apparently that is wrong and the attendant must do it?

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JamieCathereryn - I don't recall there being a separate answer for encouraging the mother or pushing on the belly itself to stimulate contractions after delivery of the placenta. I agree, allowing the mother to use the pressure she feels appropriate seems to be best-case scenario, though, if she isn't too exhausted with the call or too pre-occupied with baby. Thinking of sending this link to my brother, JIC he ever find himself in the same situation - he is a volunteer firefighter and ended up helping to deliver a baby a few months back for a mom who didn't make it to the hospital in time.

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