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Welcome Simón Balam (update post #13)

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Simón Balam was born Sept 20 at 11:50 AM after 10 hrs of labor and 30 mins pushing. Born in my parents house in a birth tub. He's amazing and weighed 9 lbs and measures 21 inches. I had to go to the hospital afterwards for stitches for a bad tear (because of its position my MW wanted a doctor to do it right and thought I would benefit from better anesthesia than lidocaine). The doctor was also concerned not all the membranes had come out so they sedated me and did a D&C. Simón avoided the hospital and stayed home w dad and grandpa. I was able to nurse him before going and he is nursing like a champ. Exhausted but in love. I will write up a real birth story later.
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Aw what a cutie pie! Glad everyone is doing well :) 

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Congrats lilmamita! And welcome to the world, Simon Balam smile.gif
10hrs labor & 30mins pushing kinda sounds like ideal length of labor to me.. And you got to birth in the tub! I hope the tear heals up fast and I can't wait for your birth story!
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What a gorgeous boy. Congratulations!
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Congratulations, glad u got your water birth at home
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Oh, look at that munchkin! What a bummer to have to go to the hospital, but glad everything else went so well. Congratulations!!

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Congratulations-he's adorable! I'm glad you have help so you can rest and enjoy that sweet boy.
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Congratulations and welcome Simon! Rest well and enjoy falling in love. smile.gif
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Congratulations! He's adorable, and I love his name smile.gif
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Congratulations!  Beautiful boy, beautiful name.

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Entering day 3 with Simón. Things are going well overall. We've had a couple rough patches (you may have seen my thread Screaming Babies). I think my milk is starting to come in cause Simón seems more satisfied after feeds. My parents are a HUGE help, my dad is a bit of a baby whisperer. DH is also being great about waiting on me hand and foot. He scrubbed the bloody mess I made in the bathroom. I think he feels a little bit at a loss for how to interact with Simón since he usually starts to cry when I pass him to him and he gets upset he can't figure out how to soothe him. I'm trying to reassure him and encourage him and he had a couple slightly better experiences holding him (where he only cried half the time) last night when I took bathroom trips.

The MW came 24 hrs after birth and said Simón looked great. He has very very minor jaundice so we have been sunning him at her suggestion. She explained how to clean the gunk off his umbilical cord w just a wet q tip. I think it will be falling off soon cause it is stinking (though not infected looking) and began oozing a bit of blood yesterday.

The MW also said Simón looked like a baby who was born about 10 days overdue - she pointed out some leathery creasing on his skin and super wrinkly feet as signs. So now I feel totally vindicated that I was right all along about the 20th notbeing his actual due date, even though he was born that day. Sounds like the first EDD (the 9th) based on my LMP was closer to the right one.

I assume my tears are healing ok as I'm a liitle bit more comfortable every day, though still very sore. I don't reallywant to look at them myself until a bit later cause I' guessing by how it feels that I would be kinda demoralized by how it looks. My MW is gonna check me out today when she comes for her visit.

Apparently the doctor who stitched me is considered a plastic surgeon of vaginas, but his bedside manner when he examined me was awful. It just makes me glad I didn't have to labor and deliver with doctors or in a hospital. I know some or comfortable with the but doctors and hospitals just make me SUPER tense and leave me pissed off. The nurse was great though.
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yay!  welcome Simon!  congrats to you all!  glad to hear you had a good experience and a successful water birth :)  - and that Simon avoided the hospital!  

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Congratulations! What a cute boy :)

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Congrats what a cutie! I'm so glad everyone is being so helpful.
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