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Who has a sheepskin? Where did you get it and how did you decide which one to buy? Are there any concerns I should have?

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I bought mine from a friend who owns a farm (who I met on my DDC, oddly enough!).  I originally looked at the Eco wool type because of the tanning processes they use.  A friend has one and loves it:  http://www.ecowool.com/nursery-baby-and-kids/nursery-bedding/ecowool-sheepskin-baby-rug.html


There are other places that sell them too like Full Belly Farm outside of San Fran (also a DDC connection).  They also use gentle eco-friendly tanning processes. 


I LOVE our sheepskin.  I wish I had bought mine much earlier when I originally wanted to.  We got it for my daughter's first birthday instead and I just love it. 

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We have one. Not sure of the brand but it's specifically for babies and comes from Australia I think!
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I've seen this online and wondered what they are for. Is it just like a premium blanket for babies to be snuggly, or is there also a utilitarian reason? 

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I have had one for all my kids- shorn short, as their sleeping mattress on my bed (we cosleep)
We got it because its warm, pretty much pee proof and when we travel we bring the baby's sheepskin to help different bed transitions. My 7yo son just stopped sleeping with his and my 5yr old daughter still puts hers on her bed in the winter. My baby is asleep on his next to me now.
There have been studies about weight gain and sleep being better (with nicu babies) on a sheepskin. They are smooshy and cozy for a baby, for back sleeping of course. And if there are leaks at night the whole bed doesn't need to be washed, just dry the next day and no smell etc.

First one came from a toy catalogue like nova naturals but I don't remember exactly.
Second one came from an online place- in New Zealand.
Most recent one was a gift but was tanned without heavy metals, also purchased online.
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How do you clean them in case of leaks?

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I keep a cloth handy to soak up any major pee spills and let those air dry- no smell remains.
For breast milk poops I run the spot under water and use a no-rinse wool soap and let air dry.
Then it's been major mess like stomach flu, I spot rinse and then wash on a wool cycle in the machine, no rinse wool soap. We dry ours on a towel by the wood stove and use a dog brush to comb out any felt-y parts. This will thin out the wool eventually but it's a few years worth of eventually.
While its drying I also give the skin a little pull and a roll here and there to keep it from getting stiff when it's dried.
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Ours is machine washable, though I haven't had to try it yet.  I assume I would do something like the PP said.  They're really pretty care free. 

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