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Due date thread - does anyone read that first post?

Poll Results: The Due Date Roll Call Thread is something that...

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 6% (1)
    I read the comments but not the first post, just comments is fine with me
  • 6% (1)
    I read the comments , the first post is nice to refer to but not important, whatever works for y'all
  • 0% (0)
    I never read this, I'm going to go and figure out what you are talking about
  • 87% (14)
    I read the first post frequently, its useful, keep it
  • 6% (1)
    I read it and posted obligatorily. Don't care either way.
16 Total Votes  
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Hi mamas,

Do you read the due date thread? Does it matter to you that the first post be updated with everyone's name, due date, et al? Is it enough to have a thread with everyone commenting with thier updated info?

Please respond to the poll if you do read that first post alot, or if you don't, we really want your input mamas.

Comments, ideas, or an enthusiastic volunteer to take over the due date thread would be most welcome!
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If it is too much for you fayebond, I can take over it.

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I can help too!
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Unfortunately, only one person can be thread maintainer, so there isn't really any way for people to help.


Maybe we could keep updating it, but with the expectation that it only gets updated once a week or so? That way the maintainer doesn't feel constant pressure to be on top of it. The number of new people joining is probably going to start tapering off soon, anyways.

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I think it's a great first post we can refer back to whenever, I know  I will be looking at it throughout this time to see where everyone is on their journey. I voted the fourth option in the poll. Don't all the DDC's have this?

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:) thanks for all your feedback mamas.   Does anyone want to take over maintaining the thead?  you get to be named a group leader :) :)

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If nobody is willing I will. I do everything mostly through mobile but would be able to go on a few times a week to keep it up. If anyone else wants to though they can.
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TinaPa, ocelotmom, what would you think about a google docs version that mamas can update themselves.  Then TinaPa could still be over updating anyone who couldn't log in and add themselves, but with a googledoc, most mamas could add thier own info (including gender and birth dates as we go).  I am going to experiment with using it on the birth bead exchange thread and if it works, I think this might be a good solution.  The weekly updating of the first post could still go on, but all you would have to do is update a few details in the doc from comments, then copy and replace the first post entirely. :)

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That sounds like a good idea and worth a try! It would make keeping everything up to date a lot easier. I say give it a shot!
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:) Well, the beta version goes online tonight, so we will see.  Its not how the usual role call thread is done but it seems much easier.  And the individual mamas already have to put in thier info, so why not all in one spot? :)  I will technically take over the updating for this week and see if I can get the google docs thing online and running and updated et al.  If all goes well I will pm an admin about making you group leader, TinaPa. 

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Okay, when its up let me know and post the link for everyone! I think this will work just fine!
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I am still trying to figure out how to update the offical thread.  Meanwhile, I added everyone I could find who was new and put them into a google doc. If you can figure out how to get the origianl role call thread to be yours TinaPa that would be awesome, but meanwhile, I was thinking you could start a new temporary thread.  Or figure out the original one, which is obviously beyond my computer skills :)  I promoted you to group leader but I cannot figure out the thread ownership thing.  This is the link to the updated list I made, I think I got everyone...



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PS Have not updated the totals completely either.  I am going to just stop and let you figure it out, I am really good at this kind of thing when I am not pregnant.  Its like my happy first born list making accountant brain leaves the table until the second tri.  :) But the thing is editable by other mamas so if you eve could just post it, TinaPa, I think we can get everyone straightened out.

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I guess I just need to flag the post and ask it to be changed to me, so let me try and figure that out real quick.
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Okay so I asked to have the thread author changed to me so from here I just have to wait till its done.
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