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Feeding a babe

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HI Mamas, 

on the off chance any of you have used the NT/ WAPF formula recipe, care to share how it worked for you?

So to prevent judgement...

I had a breast reduction when I was 19, I could not bf my first, and I tried, I pumped 10+ times a day, 15-20 mins each time for 4 months, and got nothing.  We even battled a FUBARed latch from DD being in the NICU.  Anyhow we moved on to formula, sadly.

With DS, he had a beautiful latch, but lost weight with every nursing session 'cause I had no milk, I didn't pump as long or as diligently because I didn't have the time, but I never got anything, just enough to wet a nipple.

So this time I will not beat myself up, if I am lucky enough to have any milk I will rejoice, but it's unlikely.  (although I've had colostrum since 17 weeks, but that means very little).  I will seek out donor breast milk, but I don't think I'll be able to rely on it.

DS has dairy issues and I wonder if being on awful formula contributed, and it looks like DD has some too, and she was on formula as well, both had issues with formula, esp the commercial organic ones, interestingly.  (both did better without the added DHA and ARA)
so I am researching homemade formulas, I feel confident this is a good option, but I'm looking for folks who've used it and their experiences with it. 

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Good luck with your search! I believe donor milk is easier to come by in the US than Canada. Have you ever tried asking an IBCLC or La Leche League for recommendations to milk donor banks? I believe this is a WHO recommendation, but the third most recommended milk for baby is the hydrolyzed cow's milk formula (I think I'm saying that right, sorry, I have munchkins on me and can't do any research). So this is the formula with the proteins broken down further, like Alimentum. You may not be able to do anything about your kids's sensitivity to milk protein...it could be genetic and they may outgrow it....it's certainly not the worst sensitivity in the world (here speaks a sufferer). And don't beat yourself up over not being able to breastfeed. It's important, sure, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. There are plenty of other important parts of your child's life that you have control over smile.gif
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I have a surrogate friend who has been part of informal milk donation for the last 15 months. She has a lot of information and resources. Let me know if you'd like her info if you have question.


I have no idea about the formula, sorry.

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I am an IGT mom so I understand low supply, I've had one with all of my kids so far. Have you ever used a lactaid or SNS? It is possible to have a breastfeeding relationship even if you can't make milk. I belong to the Facebook group for IGT moms and others with chronic low supply. A lot of moms there make less than a couple ounces a day but still breastfeed successfully with a nursing supplement.

I don't know much about making your own formula. I used the powder stuff with my first two and was fortunate enough to supp with donor milk exclusively with number three. I had close to a full supply though so I only needed to find 6 or so ounces a day.
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Thanks Mamas.

I have used an SNS, but it's not always practical, and I suspect even less now that this is baby #3 and I have 2 busy children and I can't be tied to my house all day every day.  I've never encountered a Mama who was able to use one out and about like I would need to.  

With my first two I had zero supply, well drops, literally drops.  My DS lost weight with each nursing session.  And while I am okay with comfort nursing, I still need to supply nutrition somehow.

I feel like even the best formulas are still powdered milk (with stuff added yes yes.) and I don't like the idea of powdered milk for my children.  I just feel rather lost with all of this right now.

I am OK with the added work of making my own, I suspect I would rather like it.

I will hunt for a milk donation, but I feel like I can't rely on that.  I would gladly use donor milk over formula any day!

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