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Eating in pregnancy

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During the two week wait I was eating whatever I wanted because I figured I might be pregnant so forget the diet it's okay to gain a few pounds. Now I am pregnant (4 weeks today!) I'm thinking I need to improve my diet and cut out or cut down on certain foods that are unhealthy.


Is anyone else trying to eat better, or were you already eating well before? Any tips for me? 


So far I thought I should eat breakfast every day -which I wasn't doing before as I find it hard to eat early in the morning, so I bought some breakfast granola type bars because they are tasty, filling enough and quick to grab and eat. They contain sugars etc though so not the healthiest, but it's a start for me.


Also cutting down on sugary drinks I was having before, trying to drink more plain water which I used to mix with sugary fruit juices to make it taste better, so trying hard not to do that now.


And generally cutting down on sugary snacks like cakes, cookies, candy and chocolate. I need to think of some healthy snacks to swap them for, and I'm not a fan of fruit...


Oh also want to cut down on bread because I was eating a lot of that and found it makes me bloat and put weight on quickly, probably same for pasta and rice too, carby foods I guess. -just cut down not cut out as they are staple foods for us, especially pasta.


What is everyone else doing?

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I will eat healthy when my stomach is't killing me.  Right now I eat what feels good, which is rice and potatoes and red meat,  Later I will try t eat a salad a day and make myself yummy whole wheat strawberry scones for breakfast and have only whole grains.  which is actually my normal diet goals anyway.  But right now I am drinking coke like its good for me, and having alot of french fries.

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ut I am trying to cut down on white bread too, that is just not good for anything.  I find I can't getrid of all sugar but I can swap them for ruit smoothies frommy freezer (so so so yummy).  so I guess my diet is ot all bad :) b

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Somehow posted in wrong thread.....I was looking at one and posted in the other!  Sorry!


I'm really hoping to get back to healthier habits when this nausea passes.  Right now I feel lucky to be able to eat anything, which is soooo frustrating because I have a whole garden full of produce that makes me ill to even look.

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Good for you, Winter for trying to improve your diet. I've been doing some reading on how important Vit A and Vit E are during pregnancy. (Apparently Vit E is called the 'reproductive' vitamin.) I don't ways buy organic, but I went out and got a nice big box of organic mixed greens and sweet potatoes for the vitamin A and almonds and avocados for the vitamin E. There are actually several types of vitamin A and vitamin E in natural foods, but only one type in vitamins. I also splurged on organic pasture-raised milk for the increased vitamin content and Omega 3's. I've been trying to eat more fiber too. Thankfully I haven't been as nauseous with this pregnancy so what I eat hasn't been so dictated by that. It does seem that I have to eat every two hours to keep it at bay, tho. Probably going to gain more weight than I'd like to this trimester.

I've also started to question things that I usually put in my mouth Mainly sugar free gum...it's like, hmmmm that might not be the best idea. Overall, I think it's a great time to eat as well as you can. The momma stands to benefit too!
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Pastured free range eggs. As many as possible in any form. My midwife says they are the perfect pregnancy food. Look at the brewer diet for pregnancy. Getting enough protein and good fat (avocados, butter - grass fed) will make those carb and icecream cravings dissipate because your body isn't searching for those nutrients.
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We do raw milk in our family and it's been so helpful to keep the sickies away.

We also take fermented cod liver oil which I think is a necessity for great health, but I know it's not for everyone!

Fermented foods like homemade sauerkraut (with ginger for me), pickles, kombucha are really good for aiding with digestion and are a natural probiotic.
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I wonder if I was consistent with my probiotic if I would have an easier time with my nausea.  We are getting tons of eggs from our chickens and sometimes I can eat them and other days I cannot.  We eat venison and I try to add some good animal fats to most things- i.e. grass fed butter, pastured beef tallow, pastured pork lard or bacon grease or chicken schmaltz.  My nausea is not horrible and am thinking of getting some sea bands if I can find them in town.  But it is really effecting what I can eat/drink.  The pastured milk is helping quite a bit- it adds both protein and fat.  I really wish our cow was in milk right now so I could save more money on it. 

I tend to eat much better in the second trimester as well as work out more also.  It just is so hard to have energy to cook and do normal things round the house with my exhaustion and nausea. I have enlisted the help of dh and dd#1 so it is helpful.  I really want to have the energy to make some homemade gumdrops with the grassfed gelatin I bought.  Maybe I will get a second wind...eventually!

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I wonder if I was consistent with my probiotic if I would have an easier time with my nausea.


The probiotics haven't helped with my nausea. I was taking probiotics, kefir, and 1-2 yogurts a day before my nausea started. I'm still taking the probiotics in the morning, but haven't been able to keep up with the others.
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A note on nausea, especially since some of you seem to be real/traditional food types:  magnesium could have a lot to do with it.  Forgive the un-scientific links, but it's still a good read:




And what to do if you're already experiencing morning sickness:




I know it's an n=1 observation, but at this point in my last pregnancy I was puking everyday, and I currently don't have even a whiff of a food aversion.  I've been supplementing magnesium for months, although I've been admittedly lax lately.  This evening I pulled gizzards from a chicken without flinching.  


And on carb cravings/fatty food aversions - it's possible that that has to do with a cholesterol deficiency.  Your body is making loads of new hormones, which use cholesterol as a key component.  Cholesterol is also a key component in bile, which is used to digest fat.  Your body prioritizes using what cholesterol it does have to make hormones, and you end up with a lack of bile, and therefore an inability to digest fatty food, hence the aversion.  BUT, though it isn't ideal, your body can make cholesterol from carbohydrates.  So you simultaneously crave carbs and are averse to fatty, heavy foods, even though the fatty food would deliver the cholesterol that you really need.  Supplementing a combination of ox bile and bitters should help with digestion of fatty foods and let you up your cholesterol intake.  Standard Process makes a supplement with those two things.  That information I got from the Beautiful Babies book by Kristen Michaelis, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in what their diet should look like while pregnant.  

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Before getting pregnant I used to eat nothing but junk food as I don't hold weight well so it helped but now that I am I have been eating nothing but fruits and veggies and anything healthy. Tonight will be the first time I don't eat something healthy ad I'm craving taco bell so bad. I find that bananas have been my go to when I feel nauseous which today hit so hard I had to call out of work.
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I generally have a pretty healthy diet. During pregnancy I honor my cravings. I have had some meat, which I normally don't eat, and felt good about it. Lots of nutritional yeast flakes--maybe I am needing B vitamins. Ramen noodles occasionally, because although they contain some suspicious stuff, they make me feel so much better they just can't be wrong; I think it is the sodium (I have LOW blood pressure) and magnesium. I put an egg in my ramen and have been eating lots of eggs in general.

Almonds are my main snack food, esp first thing in the morning to reduce nausea. They work much better than the pretzels and Cheerios I used for that purpose in my first pregnancy. In fact, this time I don't like Cheerios at all--they are okay while I'm eating them, but the aftertaste is unbearable!!
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Later in the day, I realized I forgot to mention the free range eggs...so I second that! My good friend's daughter just started raising chickens in the last year, so we have been buying eggs from her. The 'girls' have complete reign of their yard smile.gif I was reading that pastured eggs have vitamins A and E, B vitamins, Omega 3's and choline (good for baby's brain development.) I was glad that we have come across this opportunity to get these great eggs at just the right time.

Oh yes...I also always enjoy dark chocolate, but I just looked on the label this week and saw that it's a pretty decent source of iron. Another reason for me to go ahead!
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granolamommie- I would love to hear more about the homemade gumdrops. We raise our own cows and chickens here.

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Originally Posted by EnviroBecca View Post

During pregnancy I honor my cravings. Ramen noodles occasionally, because although they contain some suspicious stuff, they make me feel so much better they just can't be wrong; I think it is the sodium (I have LOW blood pressure) and magnesium. I put an egg in my ramen and have been eating lots of eggs in general.

thats it, I'm honoring my cravings.  :) 

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Thanks for all the great replies! I have to confess I'm not doing very well so far, feeling hungry a lot and giving into it with too many carby foods... so I have bought some eggs, but I read you should not have too many eggs because they contain a lot of cholesterol bad fats. So maybe 2-4 a week?


Feeling a bit sick today because I've probably over-eaten again. Try again tomorrow!


Doing well with the water drinking though, feeling thirsty more so having plenty of glasses of water. And it isn't tasting too bad yay!

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Free range pastured eggs DO NOT CONTAIN BAD CHOLESTEROL AND FATS. Please show me the source where you read that and I'll provide you with 5 that show that myth has been debunked. You should be eating 2-4 a day for a healthy pregnancy. Your body and baby need good healthy fats!!
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 blue eggs do not contain any cholesterol for the first 72 hours.  :) I am sneaking the freshest ones from my sister's hens, we buy eggs from her an usually you are supposed to take the oldest ones.  :) baby is being greedy.

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I am just doing the cubes not the stars since I don't have molds. So healthy. You could probably use the gelatin from your own cows.  Though I don't know how to get it besides LOTS of bones.  Chickens are easier to get gelatin from but I bought some grassfed from amazon

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Cholesterol is important for baby's brain development. Adults need some too. It is not a bad thing overall, just too much cholesterol is bad if you have a heart condition or are at risk of one.

The balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fats can be bad in today's typical eggs that are factory farmed from sick, crowded chickens who get no sunlight and the cheapest food. Get the most natural eggs you can. When I can't get them from a small farm, I buy the best I can find in whichever store I'm in: free range, organic, omega 3 enhanced feed, etc. (Don't take "vegetarian fed hens" as a selling point, though--hens are supposed to eat bugs; they add nutrients.)
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